Saturday, November 26, 2016

Cumbaya, ECUADOR 'Quito Muscle Car' Club Show OUT!!! SAT 26 NOV 2016

Published on Nov 26, 2016
My Sweety-Pie walked in the door about 5:45pm from a long hard day of X-mas Shopping and said there was a Classic Car show going on at our subdivision community building parking lot just 3 - 4 blocks away in the middle of our neighborhood.

Earlier in the afternoon I had heard some loud music & an occasional revved up motor and burn out from time to time, but just shrugged it off to weekend warrior neighborhood kids.

I grabbed my day pack with my trusty Canon SX160IS and out the door we went. Sun comes up 6:15 and sun goes down 6:15 here on the Equator, so I knew I would be able to grab a few shots at least.

I was so delighted and surprised to see the over a dozen well preserved & some restored, and some slick custom work on 1) 1950 Ford Pick Up.

Mostly 6) Fords, 2) '69 Mach1's, BOSS 302, '68 Fairlane 4dr.,
2) Chevys, a '72 Camaro, and a '62 Impala,
2) Pontiac 'TA' Firebirds, a '76 Bandit Edition,
2) MOPARs, RoadRunner & a '74 Charger,
1) 80's Porche Carrera,

We walked up to the Show at about 5:55 and the organizers had some orange cones set up with various members backing up at a high rate of speed peeling rubber weaving through the cones backwards & forwards, and there was some 'Pilsner Beer' & 'Jack Daniels' involved to complicate things.

..well about straight up 6pm one of the neighbors must have called the LAW, well you know the 'Fuzz mannn...

The local Police Show up in a little 4 door KIA 4 banger sedan, The Club reserved & rented the community club house, and they were technically on private property, but with beer & whiskey bottles all along the side walks, the Club Members kooled their heels for a moment, and just as soon as the Law pulled out of the subdivision they lit the Muther Up..!!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

The five best places to move if you don’t like the US election results- FRI 04 NOV16

 Amy Schumer said she'd move to Spain. Bryan Cranston said he'd move to Canada. Jon Stewart said he'd move to another planet. At last count, 23 celebrities have claimed they'll leave the country if they don't like the election results.

No matter who becomes the next U.S. President—Clinton or Trump—a contingent of disaffected voters is likely to look overseas for better options. According to a new report from the editors of International Living, they'll find many that offer excellent-value, warm-weather and proximity to home. 

These are places where not only is the cost of living lower and the weather better, but where it's a lot easier to tune out the political noise back home, too. 

Here are International Living's editors' picks for the top five places to escape to if politics is getting you down.



Sea turtles, Galapagos Islands
Paul Kennedy | Getty Images
Sea turtles, Galapagos Islands-
"Ecuador really does have everything...from the Galapagos Islands to the Amazon basin and the Andes Mountains, from big, modern cities to small, quaint villages. And up until now, one particular area of Ecuador has been overlooked—and that's its 937 miles of Pacific coastline and its beautiful mainland beaches. 

Ecuador draws a wide range of foreigners: entrepreneurs, travelers, humanitarian workers, foreign officials, diplomats, business people of all stripes, and retirees looking to stretch their budget and experience a different way of life. Many expats are attracted by the country's less-intrusive government and the tranquility of being removed from the terrorist and antiterrorist campaigns that make headlines in other parts of the world.

Generally speaking, the expats who have settled in Ecuador are those who tend to blend into society rather than live together in expat-oriented communities. Nonetheless, a bit of time in any town of significant size in Ecuador is all it takes to find the gringo haunts and watering holes....<read more> 
 THU 20 OCT16- 'The Heisenberg black hat in 'Breaking Bad' is made in Ecuador'
--"Anyone who has seen the TV series ' Breaking Bad ' can forget the moment the quiet Walter White becomes the "bad" Heisenberg. What few people know is that his inseparable black hat short brim born from a model made in Ecuador. In a factory yard hats toquilla Homero Ortega, in the city of Cuenca, hangs, among many other celebrities, a picture of Bryan Cranston, actor who plays a chemistry teacher .......

.....In recent times, and judging by the sales of countless pieces pattern of 'Breaking Bad' by the demand, as confirmed by Ortega, it appears that Heisenberg wins the game to other celebrities and even today, three years after the end of the series in the United States (2008-2013), continues to thrive."--…/sombrero-breakingbad-pajatoquil…

Ninguna persona que haya visto la serie de televisión 'Breaking Bad' puede olvidar el momento en que el tranquilo Walter White deviene en el "malo" Heisenberg.…
<Comments from me Journeyman Jack in Ecuador> 
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