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Gringo Good Samaritans: Pro Travel Services- Frank and Angie Rock- 10MAR23-

Gringo Good Samaritans : Pro Travel Services: Welcome to Pro Travel Services membership area where you can travel and live abroad like a pro! In the membership area we give you a..."-

Frank and Angie Rock- 
🚨ALERTA ECUADOR🚨@AlertaEcuador7- ⚡ #ATENCIÓN - "In Quevedo, armed groups called "Los lobos" promise to put an end to all the criminals who intimidate the families of Quevedo and those who take the name of their organization." -🔥🇪🇨⚔️🇪🇨🔥 -
🏖 #Actualización v/s #Actuality (RAMMM = Retire Abroad Mass Media Magazine: ie: 'iL' = int Living says there are no Guns allowed / permitted in Ecu and very difficult to come by, and therefore there are No Gun crimes in Ecu at all...!!! what so-ever!! -
'iL' is a #RAMM = 'Retire Abroad Mass Media Magazine', ...and where the int liars left off in 2019 due to the 20/20 Pp pandemonium pandemic, enter stage right the overnight yewtube celebrity success: 'Jep and the Beard', grifters / hucksters extraordinaire, to keep carrying the banner / torch for a mythical crime-free Ecu🤠
⚡#ATENCIÓN| En Quevedo grupos armados denominados "Los lobos" prometen acabar con todos los delincuentes que atemorizan a las familias de Quevedo y los que se tomen el nombre de su organización.
--i found the term #RAMM first used and introduced by 'Frank and Angie' a true and honest youtube sensation- hard working 💪hard hitting and in your face with facts and cold hard reality about- 'Our Retire Early Lifestyle@HMFamilyLife' -
20.9K subscribers👏


Jack Ecu Abercrombie
Group expert in Logistics & Transportation Industry
For more info on 'Frank Louis and Angie' - 'Our Retire Early Lifestyle@HMFamilyLife' - Description: "Hello, Frank and Angie here. We started our retire early lifestyle adventures at home in u.s.a. and then took it abroad. We lived in Ecuador for almost 10 years and during that time we traveled Europe to Eurasia (Georgia and Armenia) and Western Europe (Italy, Poland, Malta)
and Bulgaria in the Balkans. We've also been to Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos (British West Indies). At the moment we are enjoying Mexico.
We believe it's not about "where" but about the "lifestyle". The information we share is not location based but rather lifestyle based. We believe there is an earlier and better retirement than what is commonly understood because we're LIVING IT and have been living it for 3 decades! RETIRE BETTER and RETIRE EARLIER! Come find out more!" -


Jack Ecu Abercrombie
Group expert in Logistics & Transportation Industry
'Frank and Angie Louis ' FB group: 'How to retire earlier and retire better' - by Frank Louis- Admin- "A brief welcome message to all new members of "FI earlier and better". We are a supportive tribe of people who are looking to exit a life of delayed gratification and austerity and into a life of joy and prosperity, options and financial freedom in the present moment...." -


Jack Ecu Abercrombie
Group expert in Logistics & Transportation Industry
By Frank Louis- "Welcome to Gringo Good Samaritans where in the past we helped hundreds of retirees find their dream rental home. Today we create informative videos, and help people FIRE earlier and better so they can enjoy the lifestyle with their families....." -


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 Jack ECU Abercrombie,
 Cumbaya, Quito- ECUADOR S.A.

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 "I'd rather prep 15 years too early than 15 minutes too late."
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 "May your strategy be as dark as night and as
 swift as a boulder rolling down a mountain." ~ Sun Tzu

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 Someone once said that Ecuador is a country that is:
 •EASY to love-
 •HARD to understand-
 •Impossible to forget-

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   Jack ECU Abercrombie,
   Cumbaya, Quito- ECUADOR S.A.
  'If not us, who? And if not now, when?-

 'All the Very Best on Your Endeavors in Ecuador-
 “A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles.” 
            -Tim Cahill, via EEJ /CC,

"If you wait for the perfect time to launch a new business,
you will never be in business. If you want to travel,
there is no perfect time. Don't wait for conditions
to be perfect for anything...just go do it!"

"Faith is not about everything turning out OK;
Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out."

 "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. 
 If you want to be happy, practice compassion." 
 -The Dalai Lama (1935)

 "Hey Lama, HEY!! hows about a lil something for the effort,
 you know? , and he says: "there wont be any money, but when
 you die on your death bed you will receive total consciousness,
 so i got that going for me, which is nice" - (1985) Caddyshack
 - Bill Murray's story about the Dalai Lama-


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 Here in Ecuador on the equator we have a year round growing season with an easy 3 yields per / year of most crops. 
 We have no need for Heating Nor AC, due to the mild climate year round, and an abundance of clean drinking
 glacier water as we are located in the heart of the Andes Mountains.


 'JJinEcu' Important Note FAQ #1-

 Ecuador has this requirement to enter the country. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the day you start your flight to Ecuador. It cannot expire within 6 months of your travels to Ecuador.  You will not be allowed to board the plane to travel.

 Many airlines require a return tix if you are not a resident visa holder-

Monday, March 6, 2023

#ECUADOR Teléfono Satelital de iridio, For Sale Iridium Satellite Phone 9505A - '...$1,750.

06 MARCH 2023- #ECUADOR Teléfono Satelital de iridio, For Sale Iridium Satellite Phone 9505A - 'Always be prepared- #Quito, 'Journeyman Jack In Ecuador' - Price: $1,750. USD for 

1) Military Grade Iridium Satelite Phone Model 9505A -

 #EcuadorRealEstate -

 "I'd rather prep 15 years too early than 15 minutes too late."

 #StrategicRelocationEcuador - #JourneymanJackinEcuador - -

 "May your strategy be as dark as night and as 

 swift as a boulder rolling down a mountain." ~ Sun Tzu 

 Call Toll free from U.S. & Canada: 

 Mnts: 770-828-7913, & Coast: 770-988-4492,

 EC. Off: 02-380-4088, Ec. Cel Claro: 098-828-8953,

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