Sunday, April 17, 2016

7.8 M. EarthQuake ECUADOR S.A. 16 APR 2016

~All you need is Ecuador, and all Ecuador needs is YOU!~...
...(Is for) YOU To Not cancel out your vacation & travel plans for this Year due to our
SAT 16 APR16 MAG. 7.8 EQ!!....


 "Many hands make light work" -
Prov. 'If everyone helps with a large task, it will get done
easily and quickly. Cleaning up the banquet room won't take
 long if we all help; many hands make light ...'

~All the Very Best on Your Endeavors into, around and out of Ecuador~

All of my Services, web & blog links, articles, photos,
 videos, references, info and contact
 tel. #'s - US & EC. are all below:

Jack Abercrombie,
see Ecuador:

toll free from U.S. & Canada:
Ecuador Off: 02-380-4088,
Claro: 098-806-6508,
Movistar: 098-743-3009,
Whatsapp: 593-97-872-3921,
Talk free on "skype" user name: "Jack.Abercrombie"

call Iridium Satellite Phone from the US & Canada:
011-8816-2146-2897, (In Emergency)
 call Iridium Satellite Phone from within EC:
00-8816-2146-2897, (In Emergency)



You Tube:



Karatbars Int. Self Funding, Self Perpetuating, Off-Shore
Gold Savings Program:

JourneymanJack 100% positive feedback (1205*) eBay member since 12 NOV 2003:

My photos in Google+ / Picasa web albums:

My google maps - saved places - frequented in EC:

Photos of the Transport - Tour Vehicle: 2011 Kia K2700 Diesel 1.5 Ton 4wd / 4dr / half passenger van / half truck:

Journeyman Jack in Ecuador Tours, Van Service & Gen. Transport:
 (ecuador craigslist > services offered > travel/vacation services)

"The dogs were too big to fly from Quito to Cuenca, so we arranged to have them driven down by the
famous Journeyman Jack who specializes in relocation."...

"The best driving routes, and driving times in Ecuador"-
This week I had the pleasure to interview someone that knows the roads of Ecuador better than ANYONE I know.
Jack Abercrombie, an American expat from Atlanta who has lived in Ecuador for over 7 years now and has a heavy-duty truck he uses to help expats move heavy loads of belongings within Ecuador.
- See more at:

{Custom Fitted Pre-Trip Planning, Reservations, Immigration, Residency, Pets Import / Export / Air Cargo,
Vehicle & Home Inspections, Marriage Registration, Dual Citizenship, Dual Passports, Document Translations / Translator, 

Survival Spanish Lessons, Insurance, Healthcare, Law / Tax, Banking,

 Farm Land, Property & Site Management, Rentals, Realty, Expat Meet Ups, Shopping, 

Sea Container Shipping & Logistics, Security & Safety Measures, Skype Video Or Tel. Consultations}

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