Sunday, November 3, 2013

An American Military Veteran in Ecuador: CNT - Ecuador Internet

An American Military Veteran in Ecuador: CNT: Now that we have gotten our internet situation corrected, I feel I can safely and calmly share the craziness with you folks.
As many of you may remember, there was an entire month (plus a few days) that we were without internet. It wasn't for lack of trying. Here is what happened. The neighbors had internet through a local company by the name of Corporación Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (or CNT for short). Since they had it through that company, we thought it would be easy to go with the same company. Thought..... 

My caretaker took me to the local CNT office and we found out the different steps it would take for us to get the new service in my name (we do not have our permanent residency visa completed as of yet). To hear the first office we visited tell it, all we would need is my passport, the phone numbers of the neighbors, and a bank account locally to which CNT can charge the expenses. Sounds easy enough right?....

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