Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Internationalize to Escape Obamacare?

Patty Grimm at Grimms' Travel Tales - 1 hour ago-
Hello Dear Readers, I have never gotten political on this blog and don't intend to. Everyone has a right to their own viewpoint and to express that viewpoint without being attacked. So I'm not wanting to debate anything. But what I have intended to do on this blog is to give valuable information to those folks who are following the path that we have already traveled on. My husband and I are both fortunate enough to have health care coverage that pays worldwide (Tricare) since Mike is a retiree from the U. S. Air Force. 
We will be OK with our health care coverage regardless of where we live in the world.

So, the point of this blog is to alert you to the fact that if you don't have health care coverage that is good in the U. S., and you think that since you live abroad you won't be penalized by the I.R.S., then you may be mistaken.  This is the catch:  You must live outside of the U. S. for 330 days in any calendar year to be exempt from the individual mandate requirements.  If you visit the U. S. for more than 35 days in a calendar year, and don't have any health care coverage (i.e., private insurance, Medicare, VA, Tricare, employer-provided coverage, etc.), then you will be fined by the IRS when you file your tax return.

Here is the link that I am getting this information from:

This is all very confusing if you haven't been paying attention.  I know a lot of people travel back and forth between the U. S. and their home abroad, but this might change things for you.  Questions to ask yourself:

1.  How important is it for me to be in the U. S. each year?
2.  How many days will I be in the U. S. each year?
3.  Will I buy health care coverage that is good in the U.S., even though I live abroad?
4.  Will I pay the fine that is imposed by the I.R.S. when filing my taxes because I did not buy health care coverage that is good in the U.S. which I should have done if I plan on being in the States for more than 35 days in a calendar year?

Just wanted to alert you to what's on the horizon.  Good luck with your choices.

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