Monday, June 13, 2016

Conspiracy theories for expats: Putting the wanna in wannabe,

Conspiracy theories for expats: Putting the wanna in wannabe, an important tip, and the worst reason for a plan-B in Cuenca

I’m Asian, and I didn’t want to end up in a camp — they’ve done it before,” after a second glass of wine, a Cuenca expat is quietly telling me why she left California.
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I worked in the industry. We left Seattle as soon as we saw the video and understood what happened at Fukushima,” from my chat with a young couple holding their toddler in a Cuenca restaurant.
In America, the food supply is dangerous. There’s not much there I want to eat,” a comment heard at a Cuenca cooking class.
I lost my job and house in Florida, then I lived in a tent for three years. I’ll never go back to the states. Here, I can afford some dignity,” on a Cuenca bus, an American economic refugee tells me her story.
When we got here, he was in a wheelchair and barely responsive. Right away our Cuenca doctor took him off all the prescriptions. Now, he’s walking and improving daily,” an American expat describes her husband’s struggle with Parkinson’s more...

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