Thursday, June 16, 2016

Manabi Capitol Justice in a Traffic Accident Ecuador EarthQuake Relief

 Car accident in Ecuador- by domenick buonamici-

Jul 2016 newsletter:

"Oh, sh-t" I thought as I sat there looking at the motorcyclist on the ground.

I had tried to make a quick U-turn (where maybe I shouldn't have) and a motorcycle trying to zip around me on the right clipped my bumper and him and his bike went tumbling down.

He quickly got up and got in my face as I still sat in the drivers seat.

"Give me $1000 now for the damage on my bike!"  He shouted as his bike laid in the street.

"Hey, I got insurance buddy,"  I said in my muffled Spanish.

Then... "Wham"!

A big noise made me cinch my face muscles.  I looked over my shoulder and I couldn't believe my eyes!

While the motorcyclists bike laid there in the street and he was arguing with me to give him a quick buck, another car came and run over his motorcycle!

It was now completely wrangled around the under-organs of the car that just passed over it.

The bike now totaled.  Before, it was damaged but he probably could have just drove off.

Now, there were two angry Ecuadorians yelling at each other and me to one side.  You see, in Ecuador during a car accident I think the locals think that whoever can yell the loudest will be granted the right of way.

Within a few minutes the police showed up.

Immediately, the police said all the vehicles would be impounded until a traffic court could determine guilt, unless we could work something out.

Then he asked for our documents.

License and registration.

And to my surprise, but I suppose not uncommon in Ecuador, both the motorcyclist and the other car driver had no license nor proper registration.

So the policeman quickly looked to me, the calm, bewildered foreigner with the proper documents and said to me... "give the motorcycle guy $100, give that car driver $150 cash... and get out of here."

My truck just had a few scratches on it after-all.

 "Yes, officer," I said joyfully and away I went!

That's how a car accident more or less works in Ecuador.

The wild west?  Yea, with these kinds of things I'd say so.


Jack Abercrombie, a guy from Atlanta who has been living in Ecuador a few years now.  

He has a truck he uses to help new arrival expats in Ecuador move large loads of goods and pets within Ecuador.  You can reach him at or 770-828-7913(USA) or 098-743-3009(ECUADOR).  Facebook: 

Hasta pronto,
Dom Buonamici
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Monday, June 13, 2016

Conspiracy theories for expats: Putting the wanna in wannabe,

Conspiracy theories for expats: Putting the wanna in wannabe, an important tip, and the worst reason for a plan-B in Cuenca

I’m Asian, and I didn’t want to end up in a camp — they’ve done it before,” after a second glass of wine, a Cuenca expat is quietly telling me why she left California.
chl scott logo
I worked in the industry. We left Seattle as soon as we saw the video and understood what happened at Fukushima,” from my chat with a young couple holding their toddler in a Cuenca restaurant.
In America, the food supply is dangerous. There’s not much there I want to eat,” a comment heard at a Cuenca cooking class.
I lost my job and house in Florida, then I lived in a tent for three years. I’ll never go back to the states. Here, I can afford some dignity,” on a Cuenca bus, an American economic refugee tells me her story.
When we got here, he was in a wheelchair and barely responsive. Right away our Cuenca doctor took him off all the prescriptions. Now, he’s walking and improving daily,” an American expat describes her husband’s struggle with Parkinson’s more...

Thursday, June 9, 2016

SAT 11 JUN16 Reunion & Benefit for Ecuador Coast EarthQuake Relief~

Tix Admission: Bring a Can of Beans, or a Sack of Rice, Claw Hammer, Hatchet, Axe, Shovel, Diapers, Shampoo, Toilet Paper, toiletries, clothes, rubber boots, shoes, etc. etc... I will see to it that the donated items make it to the coast and get put to good use.
Reunion & Benefit for Ecuador Coast Terremoto / EarthQuake Relief, Supply Raiser Event. for Manabi victims / victimas / damnificados relief y recovery, bring donations like canned & other non perishable food items, tools, tarps, plastic, toiletries, shampoo, soap, cookware, clothes, children's school supplies, diapers etc, etc- for family life in a camping refugee situation & circumstance. Ivan Andres Romero Bahamonde- ROMERO IS UP TO IT and approves of this Community Service Message, and So Do WE! Hope to see You All there:)
For Further info contact me / JJiEc:

There is no 'i' in team but there is in win.~ Michael(
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  ~All you need is Ecuador, and all Ecuador needs is YOU!~...
...(Is for) YOU To Not cancel out your vacation, travel nor relocation
plans for this Year due to our SAT 16 APR16 MAG. 7.8 EQ!!....

"Many hands make light work" -
Prov. 'If everyone helps with a large task, it will get done
easily and quickly. Cleaning up the banquet room won't take
 long if we all help; many hands make light ...'

Please donate if you can, and please share! Mil Gracias!
With former 30 yr svc & Exp. in EC Peace Corps: Roger Lurie,
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Quito Off: 02-380-4088,
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