Thursday, March 3, 2016

Finding airlines to Ecuador that are "large dog friendly." 03 FEB 2016

Ms. Carmen weighs a good 55-60#'s she flew in the Cabin w/ Mom & Dad as a "Certified Emotional Support / Service Animal" the 1st of FEB 2016 from W. Coast via American Airlines, connected into MIA to UIO.

Late night arrival 10:38pm we lodged at Pet Friendly Quito Airport Suites-

  and the next morning 10 hrs ride to Cuenca down the AV of Volcanos. checked into Pet Friendly Otorongo (long stay) Hotel Apts.:!

GYE is under 4 hrs if you can make that happen for your flight plans. Jorge Lopez can provide Pet Friendly Lodging: 

 & do the Ground Transport from GYE to Cuenca or Coast.:

-Delta will no longer allow pets to travel with checked luggage-
Published: Nov 17, 2015- You won’t be able to check your dog with your suitcase on Delta flights.

Delta Air Lines stated on its website that it will no longer allow customers to check their pets with their baggage after March 1, 2016,-

For several years I Transport Expats, Pets & Baggage into & out of the Cuenca area to & from Quito (UIO) Airport area a few times a month. See Photos Transport - Tour Vehicle: 2011 Kia K2700 Diesel 1.5 Ton 4wd / 4dr / half van / half truck:

If your "Large dog" will not fit into a Series #500 (XLarge) Air Kennel: 39″L x 26″W x 30″H OUTSIDE Dimensions (Advertised size) INSIDE Dimensions (usable capacity) 35″L x 24″W x 29″H
Recommended for: Afghans, Labrador Retrievers, Pointers, Shepherds, Rottweilers, Samoyed, Siberian Huskies;

...the next air kennel size up is the Series #700 (Giant) for Bull Mastiffs & other Large Breeds, this size Dog is too big to go as check baggage with most of the major airlines. It will need to go as "Air Cargo", Lord Guau w/ offices in Quito, Cuenca & Guayaquil can manage that:

The terminology of flying the dog as "check baggage in air kennel below method" & "Air Cargo" are 2 very different scenarios.

If you are able to go "Certified Emotional Support / Service Animal" or w/ check baggage below method, and were to arrive into Quito / UIO. I will be glad to help get You, "Large dog" & Gear on down to Cuenca.

~Thank You once for considering my Guide to EC Services~
      ~All the Very Best on Your Endeavors in Ecuador~
Jack Abercrombie,
Cumbaya, Quito- ECUADOR

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