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Do many Expats pursue dual citizneship in Ecuador- 02 MAR 2016

I know of 25 - 30 North Aamerican Expats that have completed the Naturalization process & gained EC Citizenship over the years.

It is totally fine with the US State Dept. to have dual citizenship, you lose no rights & privileges with the US Embassy & Citizen Services.: 

--"Dual Nationality and Loss of Citizenship-
Dual Nationality- What it is:
"The Supreme Court of the United States has stated that dual nationality is “a status long recognized in the law” and that “a person may have and be subject to the responsibilities of both.  The mere fact that he asserts the rights of one citizenship does not mean that he renounces the other”, Kawakita v. U. S., 343 U.S. 717 (1952).<read more>

 I just felt like if I were going to try to assimilate and be all the Ecuadorian I could be, it was the best thing for me to do.
It is a personal decision, and may not be for everyone.

I was sworn in 21 APR 2014, and shortly after had my Andean Community ECUADOR Passport.


 My US Passport Expired SEP 2015, So I went down to the US Embassy in Quito, The Capitol Of EC and renewed it in about 10 days time in AUG 2015:



....and did not have to deal with getting my EC Resident Visa re-approved and transferred / placed into the new US Passport.
Here is an article from Dom Buonamici's Newsletter from 30 JUN 2015-

--"Ecuador dual citizenship myths debunked- How to get around the 90 day rule"--

"There's really only one simple requirement that qualifies you for an Ecuadorian second passport (aka Ecuador dual citizenship)... you need 3 years of permanent residency after getting any of the resident visas and obtaining your "cedula" ID card.

In fact, I was told by my source in immigration you can actually apply after about 2 and a half years.

That's it!  By far the easiest South American passport to obtain!

But there is a lot of mis-information out there on this subject, mainly us gringos regurgitating random stuff we read on online forums. 

1. Will getting dual Ecuadorian citizenship cause me to lose my original citizenship and passport?  No!  Not if you are from a country that allows and recognizes dual citizens like the USA, Canada, Ecuador and Great Britain to name a few. 

2. Will getting Ecuador dual citizenship create an EXTRA tax burden for me?  No. Ecuador like most countries not named THE only income made in Ecuador, doesn't even matter what nationality the person that makes it is, if you are given an official Ecuadorian purchase receipt (factura) you have to pay tax to Ecuador on it.  If not, no.  Ecuador does not tax foreign made income.

3. Isn't Ecuador one of those mandatory military service states?  Actually yes, it is, but T.I.E. my friend (this is Ecuador)... to get out of it all an Ecuadorian male has to do is pay a tiny fine (last I heard it was well under $200).  And truth be told, they would only be interested in you and possibly enforce it if you were 18-21 anyway.  In fact, its not at all like the US, or like you think, there is actually a surplus of demand from locals to join the forces, and many who want to join are left out!  Really!  There just aren't that many spots. 

Now the biggest, baddest two myths that prevent most us gringos from even trying...

4. Isn't there a new law that states you must be out of the country for a maximum of 90 days TOTAL for the three years prior to applying for residency?  Actually, this is CORRECT, BUT T.I.E. my friend (this is Ecuador), I know you probably think like a gringo and everything is black or white, right or wrong, I get it, I do too.  But this is Ecuador, the land where who you know and what you know often prevails.  For instance, to get around this one in a totally legit, legal way you can right a letter and submit with your application explaining the extenuating circumstances that caused you to be out of country more than the time allotment.  For example, a death, a health issue, etc... of course substantiated by apostilled proof from a doctor or whatnot helps.  Its not a given they would pass it, but its possible, one ecuadorian immigration official working in the Quito citizenship office informed me THIS MONTH, June 2015 in Quito.  I would personally apply in Quito too, not Cuenca, they just seem nicer.   

5. Isn't there a nasty verbal exam of my Spanish level?  No!  The exam is actually WRITTEN, which makes it MUCH easier, yes, it is in Spanish, but with some test prep like the guide I'm offering today you should be fine.  You will have to sing the Ecuadorian hym, but that is when you have ALREADY been accepted and you won't be by yourself,.  But with everyone else sworn in that day so I'm sure you could find a way to 'fake it til you make it' like you did back in high school choir class.  As for the written exam, the official told me you really have to B#MB it to fail it and yes, they'd let you take it again.  They just want to see some effort.  He also said the older you are the less they expect you to speak decent Spanish.  So NO, there is no verbal exam but yes, some basic Spanish chit-chat would be nice to know going in, you know, stuff you can learn in a few weeks of Spanish lessons. 

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But like in most countries, you will have to pass a simple test based off Ecuador's history, culture and geography... 

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 by Dom Buonamici,, Quito Airport Suites- A hotel just minutes from the new Quito UIO airport, your ideal jump-off point in Ecuador.:

This info is going on 9 months old, I know of no significant changes currently at time of this blog post.

....of course interpretation of the visa requirements & the naturalization process is apt to change from time to time, as the administrators of the various ministries tend to play musical chairs each year. ....and of course we have a Presidential election coming up on 19 FEB 2017, that I will be voting in~

I was 45 yrs old when I arrived in 2008, and am now 53, I haven't married here, but have a long time Ecuadorian Sweety Pie. I did not want to pursue Naturalization through the Matrimonio avenue. my 91 yr old GrandMother Margarita Smith Abercrombie Raptis (05 MAR 1920) says: "To each his (or her) own"

  I just went with the wait my time & patience route, ....of course everyone's circumstances are a little different.

Here is an update with more from Dom Buonamici-
Ecuador Dual Citizenship guidelines & Gov Fees for 2015:

--"I was helping him out, and here is the exact process you need to follow to get your second Ecuadorian passport.

1. After at least 2 and a half years of residency (technically they say 3 years but my contact who works in the Quito office told me you can really apply after 2 and a half years from the day you get your Ecuador cedula or ID card) you can apply for the dual citizenship which gets you an Ecuadorian Passport. You can not be out of the country during those first 2 and a half years a total of more than 90 days, but you can apply for citizenship anyway even if you pass this limit but you'll have to submit a letter stating why you passed the limit and hope they still sign off on it.

2. Gather the requirements.
- Birth certificate, apostilled and translated to Spanish.
- Passport color copy of the passport where you have the residency visa stamp. Your passport must have at least 6 months of validity.
-Color copy of Ecuadorian Cedula(ID card).
- Get document from civil registry (registro civil) that states first date of cedula (tarjeta indice de filiacion que dice la primera fecha de cedulacion)
- Certificate of compliance (Certificado de cumplimiento de obligaciones) from the SRI (IRS of Ecuador) stating you are up-to-date on any taxes.
- Certificate of compliance (Certificado de cumplimiento de obligaciones) from your local Municipality stating you are up-to-date on any taxes.
- Certificate of compliance (Certificado de cumplimiento de obligaciones) from the IESS social security system of Ecuador stating you are up-to-date on any payments.
- Police record from all the countries (including Ecuador) where you've lived the last 5 years. They are currently accepting only federal level checks from countries with a federal government, for Americans, that means an FBI check, apostilled.
- Migratory movement card, obtained in Ecuadorfrom immigration for $4. (Movimiento Migratorio)
- 4 color passport sized photos.
- Proof of Ecuador solvency: Like a bank certificate, bank statements last three months, for business owners the monthly sales tax declarations, copies of the title (escritura) of any property or businesses you own in Ecuador or a copy of your rental contract properly inscribed in the rental agency (Juzgado de Inquilinato).

3. In person, they require you submit your documentation in Quito in the Immigration office (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores) on 10 de agosto. You can also submit in Guayaquil.

4. You'll be called in within a few months to take a written exam in Spanish on basic Ecuadorian history. it is not pass/fail, it is just to put in your file, and they would like to see some effort. It is not verbal in anyway but they reserve the right to do some verbal questions if they wish (but they usually don't according to my contact).

5. Upon acceptance of application you must publish an ad in local paper announcing your new citizenship.

6. You will then be called in with all the others that day accepted into Ecuadorian citizenship to sing the national hymn (together, not solo) and confirm your new citizenship. You will need to bring three Ecuadorian witnesses. You can then go get your Ecuadorian passport.

Duration: about 6 months.

Cost: $200 application fee, $500 acceptance fee, approx $403 publication fee, $285 Civil Registry fee. All fees are one-time-only, but Ecuador citizenship is for life unless you renounce it. These costs are the cheapest you can do it for without using an attorney.

Total: Appox $1300.

And to prep for the test, simplifying it and giving you just what you need-to-know, which has remained in the same format for many years now and probably won't change anytime soon, try my new guide to the Ecuador Citizenship test. It is an immediate download and won't be widely available on the Internet for now after this email.

Hasta pronto, and please remember for general Ecuador questions I can only answer if you ask via the Q&A forum,

By Dom Buonamici
Quito Airport Suites- A hotel just minutes from the new Quito UIO airport, your ideal jump-off point in Ecuador.:


~All the Very Best on Your Endeavors in Ecuador~

If you need any help aid or assistance in investigating or relocating to EC. Please do keep me in mind:)
 Thank you!
Jack Abercrombie,

toll free from U.S. & Canada:
Ecuador Off: 02-380-4088,
Claro: 098-806-6508,
Movistar: 098-743-3009,
Whatsapp: 593-98-579-0109,
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