Monday, February 29, 2016

Best Blog Cuenca Ecuador 2016 by "Ecuador George" 29 FEB 2016

 Best Blog Cuenca Ecuador 2016

--"So, I have taken a very unscientific poll and below are some of the reasons people gave as to why they go back… Enjoy.

The language barrier is to difficult to overcome
Wandering spirit
Never intended to stay forever
Unable to adapt.
Lack of convenience
Failed marriage
I miss Costco
Unable to change the culture to suit them
Can’t flush the toilet paper
Locals lie about everything
Can’t adjust to the local culture
Poor expectation management
Health problems/altitude sickness
Miss closeness of family members
Fear of the local culture
Miss my golf buddies and playing
Good booze is too expensive
Miss family holidays
Originally misled by national retirement publications
Spouse threatened divorce
Cost to much to visit family in country of origin
Birth of a grandchild
Employment opportunity
The non achiever culture bothered me every day
To much gossip
Retail shopping is not good here
Everything moves so slow I became more:

 Congrats to "Ecuador George" on being Gringo Post's 2016 Top Gun Blogger for Cuenca!!

The Bowen Knot ⌘: OMGosh...Were We Given Cocaine in Cuenca, Ecuador?...

The Bowen Knot ⌘: OMGosh...Were We Given Cocaine in Cuenca, Ecuador?...: Mate
de Coca (pronounced: mah-tay day coh-cah, translated: Coca Tea) is a
very regular part of life in the Andes. For thousands of years the
indigenous peoples of the region have chewed the leaves, which
continue to play physical, economic, social, and spiritual roles in
the local communities as they have since ancient times.

 Today the
plant is still noted for its use in both daily life and in cultural
celebrations as well as its capabilities to diminish sensations of
hunger, increase feelings of energy during long days of work, and act
as an anesthetic. We were introduced to coca in the form of a
beverage as a combatant of altitude sickness (seriously,
people offered or recommended coca tea), another of its famed and
historical claims. Many sources point out that...