Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Discover Cuenca Ecuador : Why and Who is Moving Back to North America after ...

Discover Cuenca Ecuador : Why and Who is Moving Back to North America after ...: So you moved to Ecuador and after one year or two you’ve decided to go back home. This happens from time to time. There are numerous reasons...

some of us don’t know how we’re going to feel being away from our close
family members until we actually are gone and living somewhere far
away.  I think that when we first arrive in a new paradise we do not
think we’ll be homesick because we’re so enthralled with the newness of
everything that we don’t have time to be homesick.  We actually think that visiting our children and grandchildren once or twice a year will be enough, but for some people it is not enough.

foreign couple in Cuenca told us that their children were supposed to
come here and visit but never have in the three years they have lived
here. It’s really expensive to travel abroad…and sometimes it is just
not in the budget to spend thousands of dollars on airfare for family
members.  Some have even told us that the length of travel time
necessary to come all the way to South America,  is not a feasible way
to spend one’s limited time off from work, and cuts in to the actual
'visiting time' too much.

is a wonderful way to visit with family and friends but it is not the
real thing, in fact getting on Skype and seeing your grand babies and
children can make you miss them even more, said one expat to us....<read more> http://www.discovercuencaecuador.com/2015/03/why-and-who-is-moving-back-to-north.html?spref=fb 

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