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Why Are So Many Expats Leaving Ecuador? January 13, 2015 |

By Dr. Lee Dubs
One of a group of writers who want to encourage people to be better prepared when they move to Ecuador, Dr. Dubs is a long-time resident of Cuenca. This article is one that reflects the observations of local and foreign residents who have seen too many distressed North Americans in Ecuador. These writers hope to help more immigrants arrive fiscally and psychologically prepared for their move by providing facts about life in Ecuador. This article addresses the issue of expat emigration from the country.

You can find a lot of articles that tell you that Ecuador is the perfect place to retire. Plenty of writers encourage you to move to Ecuador, and many want you to make that move for reasons of their own. Some even use words like “thousands” when wanting you to believe how many English speakers live in particular areas, implying that language and culture will present no problems.

 Astute readers recognize a sales pitch by those who intend to make a profit from their move. One fact that few writers reveal is that not everyone is happy and that large numbers of English speakers have left and are continuing to leave Ecuador.

Starting in late 2008 and early 2009 international travel readers encountered a plethora of articles extolling the virtues of moving to Ecuador, and North Americans by the hundreds heeded the siren’s call. By 2012, some profit-driven organizations and paid writers were claiming that there were over four thousand expat English speakers living in the city of Cuenca alone......<read more>

Why Are So Many Expats Leaving Ecuador?

Radio / Audio 40 min clip interview with Dr. Lee Dubs who has lived here for 25 yrs of an on, and full time for 12 yrs, Owner Operator of the Carolina Bookstore in Cuenca- as heard on the "Ecuador at
your Service" -- Cuenca Overseas Radio podcast so very well done by Ashley and Michel.

There is a live radio podcast every Monday at 11:00 a.m.
This interview was done this past MON 09 FEB 2015:
By Dr. Lee Dubs, click here to listen:

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