Friday, January 30, 2015

Event Horizon Chronicle: The Great Unraveling of 2015

Event Horizon Chronicle: The Great Unraveling of 2015: The coming year, 2015, will be a real humdinger. Get Ready For Financial Turbulence For the record, a major, global, financial collapse .......Let The Games Begin

That is no accident. Ecuador will hold the rotating presidency of CELAC in 2015. As Ecuadorean head of state, Correa will therefore occupy a crucial position of international leadership in 2015. It will not have been lost on the Chinese that Rafael Correa is a PhD economist, whose doctoral work at the University of Illinois had to do with "game theory."

 Game theory is concerned with the mathematical modeling of strategic decision-making, including international decision-making. It is widely used and studied in economics, policy making and political science.

Translation: the Chinese and Latin Americans are going to take the USSA to school. It looks like 2015 will be a Chinese chess match, with the theme being inter-regional, global cooperation, on a win-win
basis, by the Chinese, Russians, and scores of other nations in CELAC and the NAM...<read more>

Jeff Rense & Dr. Richard Sauder - A Catastrophe Beyond Measure 

Published on Feb 11, 2015
Clip from January 29, 2015 - guest Dr. Richard Sauder on the Jeff Rense Program. Click on the hazmat symbol on the mask or here:

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