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Event Horizon Chronicle: The Great Unraveling of 2015

Event Horizon Chronicle: The Great Unraveling of 2015: The coming year, 2015, will be a real humdinger. Get Ready For Financial Turbulence For the record, a major, global, financial collapse .......Let The Games Begin

That is no accident. Ecuador will hold the rotating presidency of CELAC in 2015. As Ecuadorean head of state, Correa will therefore occupy a crucial position of international leadership in 2015. It will not have been lost on the Chinese that Rafael Correa is a PhD economist, whose doctoral work at the University of Illinois had to do with "game theory."

 Game theory is concerned with the mathematical modeling of strategic decision-making, including international decision-making. It is widely used and studied in economics, policy making and political science.

Translation: the Chinese and Latin Americans are going to take the USSA to school. It looks like 2015 will be a Chinese chess match, with the theme being inter-regional, global cooperation, on a win-win
basis, by the Chinese, Russians, and scores of other nations in CELAC and the NAM...<read more>

Jeff Rense & Dr. Richard Sauder - A Catastrophe Beyond Measure 

Published on Feb 11, 2015
Clip from January 29, 2015 - guest Dr. Richard Sauder on the Jeff Rense Program. Click on the hazmat symbol on the mask or here:

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Our New Andean Life: Damn Goats!

Our New Andean Life: Damn Goats!: Damn Goats!

 As many of you know we have been having serious issues with our goats. To the point where we are seriously considering selling them.  First it started off with moving up here on this mountain above Cuenca and eventually not having enough pasture.  So, we created more pasture with the hopes of moving them back and forth between pastures every two months or so.

 Well, the wire that was sold to Mark as aluminum was not and has started to rust, which has created shorts in the wire.  Which means that the electric power running through the fence is weak and the
goats have learned that.  Every two or three times a day they go through or hop the fence to head to greener pastures.  Our neighbor's pastures....<read more>

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PIECES OF OUR PAST: RON O'QUINN - Cotacachi, Ecuador

<Jour-Ja-Add.Comments>:) "To update this report, I want to add that R&R Rewind Ron O'Quinn moved down here to Ecuador and lives 2 hrs North of Quito in Cotacachi back in JUL 2014."

PIECES OF OUR PAST: RON O'QUINN: An Oldie But a Goodie Who Still Rocks, If it’s a Saturday night and you are listening to the your favorite oldies music, chances are good that you will hear the voice of Dublin’s own,  Ron O’Quinn.  Ron has been spinning records, pushing buttons and wise cracking jokes on the radio
for all or parts of the last seven decades.  He has met  many of the most successful singers and rock and roll groups of the 1960s. And, many will tell you that his lively style, witty humor and musical knowledge make him one of the greatest disc jockeys  in Rock and Roll music history.

Ron O’Quinn was born on March 4, 1943 in McRae, Georgia.  There was a time when Ron joined the Air Explorer Scouts and dreamed of being a pilot like his  father, Joe O’Quinn, who was a fighter pilot in World War II and an instructor at Spence Field in Moultrie, Georgia.  Ron can’t think of a more caring mother than his own mother, Nita Adams...<readmore>

 Ron O’Quinn’s long radio career began at WMGA in Moultrie, while he was a 17 year old junior in High School. After serving in the military as an Army Ranger, O’Quinn returned to his home state and resumed his radio career at WVLD in Valdosta, 

later working at WROD, Daytona; WLCY, Tampa; WFUN, Miami; WYLD, New Orleans, WUBE, Cincinnati and KYA, San Francisco. An unusual career move took Ron O’Quinn out of the United States in 1966, when he served as program director for Swingin’ Radio England, a pirate radio station broadcasting from the North Sea off the British coast. 

This job gave him the opportunity to accompany the Beatles on their U.S. tour in August, 1966, and led to his induction in the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. Though he was out of radio for several years, Ron returned to the business in 1987, when he syndicated a weekly show heard on 88 stations in the U.S., Rock ‘n Roll Reunion.

 He also hosted a local oldies show each weekend on WQZY and WKKZ for 14 years. Ron now has a weekly syndicated show, Rock ‘n Roll Rewind, which is heard all over Europe. Produced from his Glenwood, Georgia home, a version of this weekly program also runs on several radio stations in Georgia.

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Visa & Naturalization Applicants: FBI & State Criminal Background Checks

--"In December 2014, the following requirement was put into effect for residency applications in Ecuador:

 For residency application, for applicants from countries with a federal government, they must provide two types of criminal background checks. One from the State or Province and the other from the National or Federal entity."--....

Attorney, Nelson Idrovo, who writes:

For permanent residents of Ecuador thinking of applying for naturalization after 3 years of residency, as of February 1, 2015, there is a new directive regarding the amount of time you can be out of the country.

For the naturalization process, you can only be out of the country a TOTAL of 90 days for the entire THREE years before application.
Again, this new directive went into effect February 1, 2015.
If you are not interested in naturalization and remain as a permanent resident then the following still applies:
In the first two years of residency you can only leave the country for 90 days in each year. After two years of residency you can be out of the country for longer periods of time......<read more>

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“Every day on Ecuador's Road System 13 people are killed and 152 injured- 15 JAN 2015

Journeyman Jack in Ecuador
15 JAN 2015

February 7, 2014- “Every day on Ecuador's Road System 13 people are killed and 152 injured-
Broken down into an average, equates to Every single Day 365 / 24 / 7.” (That's in the 2nd smallest country in SA, roughly the same sq. miles as Col. or NB.)

  That’s the harsh reality of the Ecuadorian daily road accident statistics, ”said the leader, who described as ”catastrophic” as to those statistics. He noted that 5% of the mishaps are caused by acts of God, bad weather and mechanical problems, and 95% by liability of persons as incompetence and recklessness (62%), drunkenness (11%), speeding (10%), invasion of the opposite on coming lane (9%) and disrespect of the signals (7%). In December, the National Transit Agency (ANT) reported that between January and November 2013- 24,759 traffic accidents occurred in Ecuador, where among the leading causes of mortality, leaving 2,025 dead and 19,856 injured.:

16 SEP 2014- East ECUADOR Sector of GUARUMALES: Bus Accident due to Brake Failure, Bus Leaving Macas going to Cuenca, 20 Injured: You Tube video News Link:

 A compilation of Smash Hits from Ecuador 911 Traffic Cams for 2013, the 2014 Edition should be out shortly, stay tuned & buckle up:

Road work has come a long ways in the Macas area in the past few years:


September 28, 2014- Many bus drivers in Ecuador suffer from health problems resulting from stress, being overweight and long hours at work. At Carlos Andrade Marín Hospital in Quito, of the 35 patients seen on one recent day, ten were professional drivers. Many of these drivers have stomach, kidney and back problems. They also suffer pain in their hands and fingers from shifting
 gears all day long. One driver passed out on his bus. He said he was very tired and had worked from 05:00 to 23:00.

Another problem are drivers who eat while on the road. According to statistics from the National Transit Agency, this is one of the leading causes of accidents. The drivers say they don't have time to sit down and eat. So they grab something from a food stall to take on the bus.:


30 SEP 2014-  N. Cuenca, Challuabamba, Petro Tanker disconnects (comes lose / go out of control) from Road Tractor and slams into produce semi truck with cattle, 3 dead at the scene: You Tube video News Clip:

  Another compilation of Smash Hits from Ecuador 911 Traffic Cams for 2013, the 2014 Edition should be out shortly, stay tuned & buckle up:


October 15, 2014- Another deadly accident. A bus traveling on the Piura (Peru)-Loja route crashed this morning. Four people were killed and many others were injured. The accident happened in the San Vicente area of Loja Province. The bus is with the Unión Cariamanga cooperativa. According to ECU-911, the people killed were of Peruvian nationality.:


22 OCT 2014- Pretty amazing picture. Armed suspects attacked, then blew up an armored truck on the Quito-Lago Agrio road. One person was killed and at least two others were injured. The attacked took place near the Reventador volcano as the armored truck was headed to Lago Agrio (Sucumbíos Province). The military later apprehended two suspects.:


November 3, 2014- There has been another bus accident. A Flota Pelileo bus overturned this afternoon on the Pifo-Papallacta road, about three kilometers from the junction with E35. Some of the injured were airlifted by helicopter to a hospital.
Update: Police say at least four people killed and 18 injured.Photo courtesy: Policia Nacional:


09 NOV 2014- "On second thought – perhaps Ecuadorian drivers aren’t so very crazy after all. I guess I just have to remind myself  (as we sway to ‘n fro above chasms of vertical certain-death drop-offs though the Andes) At least if I plunge to my death here amid the splendor of Ecuador – ’tis a smidge more classy than say… being smashed to smithereens by an 18-wheeler toting a truckload of Chinese Chia Pets that’s lost control on the icy I-5 freeway from Seattle to Portland, no?
What about you? How do you deal with harrowing, white-knuckled, gut-freezing risks when you travel?
I think the issue here with driving is the very one you identify–buses winding at insane speeds along the edges of Andean cliffs that drop off for seeming miles. It’s the bus-cliff-speed combination. - See more at:
I think the issue here with driving is the very one you identify–buses winding at insane speeds along the edges of Andean cliffs that drop off for seeming miles. It’s the bus-cliff-speed combination. - See more at:
I think the issue here with driving is the very one you identify–buses winding at insane speeds along the edges of Andean cliffs that drop off for seeming miles. It’s the bus-cliff-speed combination. - See more at:
- See more at:


November 12, 2014- Sto. Doming- How much is a life worth in Ecuador? In the case of the people killed in last Saturday's bus crash on the Alóag-Santo Domingo road, their families will each get $8,000. That's how much insurance will pay out. It includes SOAT insurance which all vehicles are required to have. Those who were injured will receive $3,000. Fifteen people were killed when the Panamericana bus went off the road and down a ravine. Investigators have not released the final report on the accident, though driver error is suspected.:


There are often comments made about free health care in Ecuador. There are times some of these reports appear to be accurate. This does not appear to be the norm at all for private hospitals. Here is a case everyone should take a look at. A couple from the UK (Husband UK, wife Ecuadorian) who traveled on vacation to Ecuador. They went to the Galapagos and were in a serious bus accident. He was transported to the mainland to try to save his arm as they were going to amputate it in the Galapagos. They also reported that they were not allowed to leave the hospital until their bill was paid in full. The couple also believed they were told by the minister of tourism office that they would receive financial assistance. The tourism ministry denies this.:
17 NOV 2014- S. Quito, Amaguaña, Tanker Tractor Trailer runs Red Light strikes 3 cars and crashes into house, 2 seriously injured, Truck Driver fleas scene of accident on foot: You Tube video News Clip:

November 26 at 10:45am- There has been another deadly bus accident, 6 Fatalities this time in Cotopaxi Province. A bus carrying 60 passengers crashed this morning in the Planchaloma sector of Toacaso parish. ECU-911 says there are 6 deaths and injuries, though the newspapers have
conflicting numbers. Ten ambulances were sent to the accident scene.:


November 27, 2014- at 5:46pm - 5 Fatalities - Bus accident in el cantón San Miguel, provincia de Bolivar:


November 30, 2014- at 9:15pm- The bus driver who caused an accident that killed six people and injured 58 in Cotopaxi Province, reportedly had an expired license. The accident happened four days ago. The Iliniza cooperativa bus hit a house, then crashed into a vehicle.
Most of the passengers were children. The cooperativa has been suspended from operating for 21 days.:


December 4, 2014- The Ecuador National Assembly with 79 votes in favor and 11 against, approved amendments to the traffic law, to eliminate mandatory driving courses for obtaining the license type "B" (Light Car drivers license).
- See more at:


December 30, 2014- There's been another deadly bus accident. A Unidos cooperativa bus lost control and overturned in Morona Santiago Province.  According to one newspaper, at least 15 people were killed and 16 others injured. This happened near the community of Bomboiza.
 The bus was carrying more than 40 people who were working on the construction of a road.:

Video clip of News Feed:

January 1, 2015- Tragedy in Quito this New Year's Day. A driver who was reportedly drunk ran over a group of people in the Chillogallo barrio in south Quito. A woman and two children were killed. 13 others were injured. It happened around 03:00 this morning.
There was a dance party going on in the street. The driver was arrested.:


04 JAN 2015- "How Ecuador’s “civil” legal system impacts expats". ..Of course, you need to have your wits about you on foot, especially on crowded city streets, if you don’t want to get run over, whether you’re in a common-law or civil-law country. And pedestrians do have certain rights in civil-law Ecuador, such as at corners, where cars are mandated to yield. But cars have the de facto right of way in Ecuador...

January 3, 2015- Quito- Not a great start to the year for beer truck drivers. Today a beer truck on Av. Interoceánica in Cumbayá lost part of its load as it was trying to turn a corner. The beer bottles were empty. The truck was headed to a brewery plant. Yesterday, another beer truck lost control on the new bridge over the Chiche River. The railing stopped the truck from going over the side.:


January 4, 2015- Esmeraldas, Ecuador - In a clash between drug traffickers & police roadside traffic stop, Three police officers were shot in Esmeraldas Province. Two died and one was wounded. The bodies were found on the Las Piedras-Tachina road. The Interior Minister said there was a shootout with criminals who used a police vehicle to transport drugs. Sounds like there may have been dirty cops involved.
 The captain of the Special Operations Group was among those killed. There's a Twitter photo of the bodies on the ground:


January 4- 2015- A popular famous singer celebrity known as "Sharon the Sorceress" was killed in a traffic accident in Santa Elena Province early this morning. She was getting out of a car when she was hit by another vehicle. The prosecutor ordered the detention of the companion of the artist to clarify the circumstances of the accident. "Sharon La Hechicera" was the stage name of Edith Bermeo Cisneros who was born in Durán (near Guayaquil). Besides being a singer, she was also a soap opera actress and a TV host. She leaves behind two children.:


January 5, 2015- Quito- We went for a walk around the Mariscal and witnessed a 'hit and run' accident! A gal in a car hit a motorcycle and took off... but couldn't go very fast due to traffic, and witnesses stopped her! Police, ambulance... the works!


January 5, 2015- Quito- Hi everyone, I had an unfortunate experience today on a very crowded and hectic bus in Quito where my new Ipad was pick-pocketed right under my nose from a what I thought was a secure over-the-shoulder purse close to my body in the front. Lesson learned ~ do not take public transportation when it's crowded if I have anything of value on me!


06 JAN 2015- We saw an awful accident accident during the parade yesterday on Simon Bolivar (Cuenca), about 3:10, a baby & a small child was struck by a truck & killed at the intersection a block from San Blas, think it was Vargas Machuca.:


07 JAN 2015- Quito- SECUESTRO / Kidnapp EXPRESS, QUITO: An Ecuadorian friend took an illegal cab from 6 di Diciembre y Gaspar Villarroel at about 10pm last night. He was kidnapped, badly beaten, robbed and dumped outside the city. Yes, he does know better than to take illegal
 cabs, but anyone can let their guard slip for a moment and make a mistake. So this is a reminder of what can happen if you do.

Taxi kidnappings are relatively rare in Quito, but please please don't take the risk with illegal cabs. If you have to hail a taxi on the street, stick to yellow cabs with a number on the door, check they have a security camera and red button before you get in. If anything about it feels off, wait for another one.


07 JAN 2015- Cuenca to Guayaquil bus was robbed last night. Interesting side-note, a lot of students from the University Catolica were on the bus all with laptops... so it may have been a known this was an especially good bus to rob. Cuatro delincuentes armados, la noche del lunes desvalijaron a los pasajeros del bus de la cooperativa San Luis, placas AAA-1303, que cubría la ruta Cuenca-Guayaquil. Fecha de Publicación:
 2015-01-07 00:00 -


07 JAN 2015- My friend Kay that forgot her check bag in the back of a taxi met with the prosecutor and judge the other day in Cuenca over the theft of her one bag that had a value of $5000. plus in contents. Couture and designer clothing etc. (bluefish wearable art) They said both the taxi driver and the taxi company owner are to both go to jail if they find the driver guilty.

Napoleon law means everyone has to be responsible. All of the video tapes do not stand up to the driver's lies, plus he said he needed a week to try and get her things back.
 Sounds fairly guilty with that statement right there. Within filing, the court date follows within 4 days, tomorrow.


08 JAN 2015- I often hear about bad experiences on buses, but we've had good luck. We've been on some buses where the drivers are 'fast' but never dangerous... until our last trip back from Intag. We caught the last bus to Otavalo at 2:30, it was a 6 de Julio bus.
Normally this ride takes nearly 2.5 hours, the driver made it from Nangulvi to Otavalo in 1.5 hours. Never have I feared for my life before and I don't understand why we didn't just get off of the bus. Maybe it was because we only had about $2 plus change left on us...

 ...honestly I'd rather have taken my chances and gotten OFF of that bus. We've had folks take us in before and take good care of us! We did agree, if this ever happens again we will get off the bus anywhere and just figure it out. When the assistant came along, that was the first thing I noticed - he was slow, sleepy and red eyed and reaked of alcohol. Then we noticed the driver's driving.

All over the road, speeding up for curves, running off the road. These roads aren't particularly safe in the first place even with good driving! Seriously I don't know why we stayed on, but never again! This was also the only time I had ever witnessed so many passengers awake on a bus, no one was asleep. Hardly anyone spoke.

 My husband got a photo of the driver so we could remember his face and never get on his bus again. When we reached the terminal in Otavalo, you could just see the look on his face - pride. The photo didn't turn out good at all. He had a long, slender, downward pointing nose.
 That's feature of his face stood out to me most of all...


13 JAN 2015- Esmeraldas- Two People Killed on Motorcycle in Collision with Bus- 
The two occupants of a motorcycle died Tuesday morning in Esmeraldas-San Lorenzo road, north of the province of Esmeraldas, to collide into a bus company Trans Esmeraldas.
The accident, according to the police report, occurred at 06:10 at a place known as Casa de Pobre. From the impact, the red bike, HW96IL plates, was shattered to pieces.
When the police arrived, the bus driver & bus, (license plates PUC-152) was no longer on the site. 

It is presumed he fled the scene of the accident.
The bodies of the victims were taken to the Forensic Investigation Center of the Office of Esmeraldas.:


From the above dozen or so cited accidents from 15 SEP 2014 to present date / time of this blog 15 JAN 2015 in a 4 months / quarter,  period of time, there are another dozen incidents I missed & failed to log and compile, another dozen that never made it to the news, and no telling how many vehicles at the bottom of ravines & gorges throughout the country yet to be discovered?

 I strongly urge and recommend anyone coming to Ecuador for a first time visit or vacation to please purchase travel insurance with Medi Vac Helicopter back to Quito, and Air Ambulance back to USA through a private carrier or even through your air lines or travel agent:

--"Former Flint MI Firefighter struggles for his life after harrowing trip to Ecuador"--

For the Malone family, a business trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador, changed their lives when Karen Malone's husband Perry Malone, a retired Flint firefighter, complained of discomfort from shortness of breath. It was an ailment that eventually left him comatose with brain damage and the couple stuck in Ecuador wanting to come home.:


 Many of the above news articles, translations & commentary were compiled from various Ec. Expat blogs, forums, groups, & sources. Many thanks to David S. in Cotacachi & Nic C. in GYE.


By- Nicholas Crowder- ‎Ecuador- November 3, 2014- If you are thinking of moving to or already live in Ecuador, I encourage you to take a look at my book "100 Points to Consider Before Moving to or Retiring in Ecuador" This is a no frills serious look at living in Ecuador and understanding the culture of a very complex and intricate country. When I first arrived in Ecuador in November 1980 (35 years ago), I was way out of my league and was only 24 years old. I married there and became enthralled with the culture.:

Via con Dios,
  Feliz 2015,

PS: To be continued into 2015........

17 JAN 2015-  Four people were killed when a bus collided with a car in the Cuenca area. This happened around 02:00 this morning on the Cuenca-Azogues road. The Suzuki Forza was embedded under the bus.
All four people in the car died. Preliminary information indicates the Cooperativa Viajeros Internacional bus was headed from Quito to Loja. No word on who was at fault.:


17 JAN 2015-  During the first four days of operation, Quito's (traffic cams) fotomultas cameras caught 1,202 drivers violating traffic laws. 955 ran red lights or invaded zebra crossings. More than 200 drivers invaded the bus lanes. The 63 cameras operate seven days a week from 06:00 to 21:30.


18 JAN 2015- Bus crash in San Lucas, Loja, 2 dead, 2 injured:

18 JAN 2015- A woman died in bus accident in Los Ríos, Puebloviejo outside of Guayquil,
and fifteen injured was the outcome of a traffic accident in Puebloviejo-San Juan, about 07:00 yesterday.
According to witnesses, a shuttle bus Trans Esmeraldas, disco 108, apparently lost track and overturned.
...................... <stock photo>

19 JAN 2015- Nicholas Crowder- Latin America Current Events & News:

Quito Ecuador: Survey says, 80 percent of women are afraid to use public transport due to being Victims of sexual harassment on public transport, ...It is based on surveys conducted by the UN and by the Municipality, said that 80% of women in the Ecuadorian capital "afraid to use public transport" and that one in four of 25 to 40 years they have been "touched intimate in public transport "parts.

In addition, 67% of women have been assaulted "sexual in a verbal way", whereas 65% have suffered some violence or sexual harassment and have had to move and change seats on the bus in response. <Link Source>

19 JAN 2015- Cotopaxi, Salcedo, Bus Accident crashes into house, 1 dead, 8 Injured:

19 JAN 2015- Nicholas Crowder- Latin America Current Events & News:

Quito Ecuador: 4.8 vehicles stolen per / day: The article indicates 80 percent of the vehicles stolen are vehicles parked on the streets. Legal reforms and readjustments arises for the national police in Quito to reduce the theft of cars that, according to official figures, rose last year by almost 6%, with relation to 2013. According to figures that manages the headquarters of the district Metropolitano de Quito (DMQ) the year ended was recorded, between January and December, 1753 robberies of trucks, 94 more than those that occurred in the same period in 2013 in the capital. An average of 4.8 a day.  <Link Source>


19 JAN 2015- Jorge Lopez: Crazy $12 Van drivers from Guayaquil- to Cuenca- while passing through the foggy Cajas Mtn Range. 

They just don't want to slow down. They just don't care about people's life or their own. This morning horrible accident....


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Common Law Versus Civil Law: Societal Safeguards or Personal Responsibility? | CuencaHighLife

Common Law Versus Civil Law: Societal Safeguards or Personal Responsibility?

by David Morrill and Deke Castleman

....By contrast, Ecuador, along with all of
Latin America, most of Europe, all of Asia, and most of Africa, 150
countries in all, operates under “civil law.” In civil-law societies,
laws are written, collected, and codified by legislatures and are rarely subject to co-creation by the outcomes of lawsuits and the opinions of judges and juries. As such, the court system is inquisitorial, unbound by precedent.

Courts are composed of specially trained magistrates with limited authority to interpret the law. Court officers examine evidence and, often with the help of legal scholars, develop the arguments for both sides of a non-criminal dispute. Then they rule on
the issue.

In effect, a magistrate is an investigator, prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, and jury all rolled into one. He’s also a mediator; after a ruling, he helps resolve the disagreements that led to the lawsuit, about such issues as contracts, property ownership, divorce, child custody, personal injury, property damage, and
the like....<read more>