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Why Retiree Expats Adore Ecuador- MSN Money 26 NOV 2014

Why Retiree Expats Adore Ecuador- by  
MSN Money 26 NOV 2014 

  Do you have less money saved for retirement than you’d hoped? Is your pension or Social Security check too small for you to live out your retirement years comfortably in the United States? Or maybe you have saved enough, but want to do something more exotic than strolling the back nine in your newfound free time.

  In Ecuador, your money will stretch much further – perhaps even allowing you to afford things that would be considered luxuries in the United States –....

....The Realities of Life in a Developing Nation- When doing your research on whether to move to Ecuador, seek out the negative reports as well as the positive ones to get a more complete picture of the new life you’re considering. A good source of information from an American who knows Ecuador well is the book “100 Points to Consider Before Moving or Retiring in Ecuador” by Nicholas Crowder.:

The Bottom Line
Ecuador offers retirees a scenic backdrop, low cost of living and beautiful weather. It also has English-speaking expat communities, World Heritage sites, Amazon rainforests and miles of beaches. If you’re not on a tight budget, you can upgrade your lifestyle; if you are, you can stretch your dollars much further.

To enjoy retiring in Ecuador, you’ll need to have patience and a sense of adventure to overcome the culture shock and frustrations that can accompany life in a different and developing nation where you perhaps don’t speak the language. But plenty of American expats will attest that retiring in Ecuador is one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

For more on retiring in another country, read Plan Your Retirement Abroad, Things To Consider Before Retiring Abroad and What Does Retirement Abroad Cost?
 <read more, original link>...

"14 Reasons Why You Should Never Leave the US"- & come to EC. 26 NOV 2014


 Out of 308 million citizens in the United States of America, only 30% have passports. Other nationalities frequently explore different lands and cultures for business or pleasure. They consider global travel to be an enlightening, enriching, horizon-expanding pastime, where getting out of one’s comfort zone is part of the adventure. So why do the majority of Americans prefer to stay on home turf? Well, if you talk to some of these folks, there are all sorts of justifications and rationalizations for this. Here are 14 reasons why you should never leave the US.

1. There’s Foreigners Out There-



  If you listen to the politicians and the news, you know these foreigners are all jealous of our freedom and liberty. You can’t trust anyone who hasn’t been raised to worship the stars and stripes. Reason enough to stay on US soil. 


2. Some of the Foreigners are Muslims-


  Everyone knows they’re all out to get us. The mainstream media is kind enough to keep us informed of this fact day in and day out. Don’t make yourself an easy target. Stay back where Homeland Security can keep you safe.



3. Not Everyone has Bothered to Learn English Yet-


  It seems that in a large part of the world the local population hasn’t bothered to learn English yet. What if you wanted to order a burger and fries? Their language barrier could cause all sorts of problems for you.


<read more>...

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4+1 countries you need to know about / Farm Land- November 20, 2014

Four countries you need to know about that will revolutionize food production- November 20, 2014
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile-

--"As we discussed yesterday, the world has certainly gotten itself into a serious pickle.

World population growth and economic trends are causing food demand to soar.

Demographers tell us that over 200,000 people will be present at the dinner table tonight who weren’t even alive yesterday.
And with over a billion people having been lifted out of poverty in the developing world (and more to follow), people are eating more food (and more resource intensive foods like meat) than ever before.

At the same time, farm yields have peaked in the developed world. Science has managed to extract from the ground as much as the earth can give."--<read more>

{comment from Jour-Ja: Mr. Black Left Ecuador out of his top 4 Picks for Farm Land Choices, we may not revolutionize farming but we do have a year round growing season and an abundance of water!}

Click on this: 

"Journeyman Jack in Ecuador" FB Page Albums Section for Fincas & Farm Land ranging from 6hct -23 - 30 -42 -66 -73 hectares.
(1 Hectar = 2.2 Acres. Come See US:)

ECUADOR NEWS MAGAZINE: Special report: Ecuadorian stray dog finds new hom...

ECUADOR NEWS MAGAZINE: Special report: Ecuadorian stray dog finds new hom...: Arthur Ecuador news magazine - Quito, Nov 20 -2014

Special report: Ecuadorian stray dog finds new home in Switzerland !


Ecuador news
magazine - Quito, Nov 20 - With claps, tears and words of thanks, the
people who were at Mariscal Sucre Airport of Quito, bid farewell to
Arthur, the faithful friend of Peak Performance Team at Adventure
Huarasinchi World Event.

He travelled to Switzerland on Wednesday afternoon, where he will reside.

This animal´s destiny and his relationship with the competition that ended this weekend was not planned at all; however, he ended up moving many people´s hearts.

At the start of Adventure Huairasinchi World Event 2014, the members of Swedish team Peak Performance: Mikael Lindnord, Karen Lundgren, Simon Niemi and
Staffan Björklund, did not expect to meet Arthur, but the animal became their companion and their new pet.

The high level athletes named the dog after King Arthur. "We were travelling with Arthur by our side through different towns. <read more>

Six Months in Ecuador / Ecuador George | November 18, 2014

Six Months in Ecuador / | November 18, 2014 -

<read more> .....One Hit Wonders-

I was screwed by the handyman.

He wouldn’t give me an hourly price when I asked and when he was done he wanted $100. He had worked 5 hours and done great work but I knew this was wrong.

I looked at him and said that his fee was more than double what I
thought it should be. I also showed him all the rest of the work that I needed to have done and let him know that I would not be able to hire him again at those prices.

He insisted that I pay him the $100. .

I purchased a dining room table at a very nice furniture store but
noticed that half of the chairs were missing the plastic ends on each
leg. I was promised they would be installed before delivery.

I told the salesperson I was furnishing a new place and could use her help, especially since they made custom items. She seemed excited about the possibility of selling me more furniture. She said she would come along with the guys when they delivered the table.

She never showed up.

And you guessed it, the chairs did not have the plastic ends
installed. The driver called the store, looked at me and said they would go pick them up and bring them back. I looked at him in the eyes and made him swear he would do it. He swore and then we never saw him again.

Of course Chad and I chuckled about all this. This was not the first or even the second time this had happened. <read more>
Reprinted & Distributed With Permission-

Watching 40 yr old reruns of Rockford Files on the PC via Hola & Hulu in Ecuador:)

ROCKFORD FILES: “The Countess” S1 E3 (1974)

Does the idea of retirement motivate you or scare the Bejesus out of you?  (OMG- How will I watch my favorite TV shows?)

“This is Jim Rockford. At the tone leave your name and message. I’ll get back to you.”

“Hey Rockford, very funny. I ain’t laughin’. You’re gonna get yours.”

The Ex-Con Tough Guy Private Eye and the Countess in this episode sets up the kind of drama & comic situations that made the Rockford Files Great.

--It sure beats watching the security camera monitor.--

Scene- back at the 1950's single wide / sea side mobile home /PI office, the Countess is a bit distraught / damsel in distress scene- Jimbo gives her slug of whiskey in a disposable plastic cup.
Countess:  "You certainly reduce things to their lowest common denominator."

Jimbo:   "It's a plastic world. If you don't like it that way, I can give it to you in a cheese glass."

 Final scene at the hospital- Countess asks Jimbo: "How do you deal with that?"

Jimbo: "We're all scared to death. I guess that's the penalty we pay for living in a world where all the price tags end in .99 cents, and we sell mortuary plots on billboards next to the freeway. What you do is, you just keep laughing. There gonna kiss your hand, honey, 'cause you are a Countess. 

Stop worrying about it. You're playing a big practical joke. Just, just keep laughin'. "

Countess: "Is that what you do?"

Jimbo: "You bet."

Then Jim leaves, with his tough guy familiar grin on his face, and arm in a sling. (as usual)

"Laughter will bring you back to center. It is the language of angels. It is how we speak to you through your own hearts. Re-member us when you see the darkness. Smile, and laugh. Jump into it because it is an opportunity for light." Avalon Healers Group. Watch the most recent Faces of Avalon video here, with founder Fred Burks:

~Jimbo:  "If I carried a gun, I might have to shoot someone"~

--"I've been watching a lot of 'Rockford Files' reruns on WGN (I heart TiVo) - A great show, and it really doesn't seem dated (aside from the clothes). One thing I don't understand, though, is why Rockford doesn't just apply for a permit to carry his gun?
--I know he's an ex-con, but since he rec'd a full pardon, wouldn't he be eligible?
--He was able to get a private investigator license, wouldn't that be at least as difficult to get as a license to carry a weapon?
--Going along with the PI license, wouldn't there be some assumption that you would, probably, carry a gun in your day-to-day work (heck, even if 99% (a figure pulled out of thin air) of private investigation deals with research for divorce cases, there is still some danger)?

I'm not asking why he doesn't carry a gun all the time, I know the answer to that ("If I carried a gun, I might have to shoot someone"). I'm just wondering why, for those times he took the gun out of the cookie jar, he didn't get the license. It would have saved him at least three arrests this week alone!
It wouldn't fit with his mindset anyways. Jim Rockford was more likely to ask around, sneak around, and then talk his way out of trouble than shoot a round. A gun makes you (the fictional PI) less cautious, more prone to making a cocky mistake. While JR may have seemed cocky at times, he was careful not to put himself or others in harm's way if he could help it."--
To go down this memory lane, I am using firefox as my browser, Hola UnBlocker allows me to be out of the US / Country and view old US TV Re-runs like the Rockford Files (and a lot more shows) on Hulu down here in little old Ecuador:

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Here’s what a few people did the last time the system was rigged against them…

Santiago, Chile
For most it was their first time on a ship. And now they were trapped on board for weeks to endure storms and seasickness on the high seas.
Packed together like sardines in tiny, rat-infested cargo holds with unappetizing provisions and a constant stench of human waste, early settlers (expatriates) had every reason to not be on those ships.
But there was something far more important than their comfort on board, something which superseded all the risks and uncertainties they were taking: the freedom and opportunity that awaited on the other side of the ocean.
In leaving for the New World, people hoped to escape a system back home that was completely rigged against them.
They had little freedom, few prospects, and a future with almost no security.
And in order to get away from this, a handful of courageous settlers were willing to risk everything… from the known perilous journey to the unknown risks of what awaited them on the other side.....<read more>

 Pt. 2- Ready to hit the eject button? Here are five places to start looking- #5 ECUADOR

  As we talked about yesterday, moving abroad isn’t as difficult as you think.
Sure, it’s not always cookies and cupcakes, but the benefits and opportunities of living abroad are often unparalleled.
Only by moving abroad can you truly curtail how much you contribute to your corrupt, bankrupt home government.
And you just might find that in many cases you can live better, cheaper, and enjoy a far greater quality of life than what you could achieve back home.
It’s also important to recognize that there’s very little in this world that’s forever.
So even if it doesn’t work out, you can always head back home later— this time with some overseas experience under your belt, and perhaps even some new language skills.
But it begs the question—where to go? There’s literally an entire world of opportunity out there, but here are a few suggestions to get you looking:
5. Ecuador:
In a recent survey by InterNations, Ecuador turned out to be the top expat destination in 2014.
In particular it’s an increasingly popular retirement destination because of its high quality yet very affordable cost of living, cheap real estate prices, vibrant culture and good weather.
The official currency is the US dollar, which is a comfort to many people.
It’s also an incredibly diverse country, with beaches, mountains, big cities, rainforest and everything in between for you to choose from.

  The world is a big place and these are just a few suggestions to get you started.

 While it’s important to do your own due diligence based on your personal preferences, this process shouldn’t hinder you in any way in your desire to look for greener pastures.

Go and see for yourself and find out that the transition abroad really isn’t all that difficult.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

Journeyman Jack & Sis at Lake Cuicocha, 20 mins West of Cotacachi, Imbaura - ECUADOR
                                            Ya'll Com See US Real Soon now, yah hear?

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Happy Veterans Day from Mindo, Ecuador NOV 2014

I want to thank each and every Man & Woman that has served, and a special shout out to WWII: Vet Loy L. Smith: 3 Jan 1922; - 31 Oct 1991. Murrayville, GA. RIP- He was a DRIVER.
Loy L. married my Grand Mother Margarita the year I was born, and was just like my real Grand Dad.

I spent most every summer break in the N. GA Mountains right across the road from the north end of Lake Lanier. By the time I was 12 Loy L. had me capable of taking his 50 Ford pick up truck to run errands to the local country store alone, and got a kick out of it, I did too.
..about 2 years ago Margarita was put in an assisted living home and while Family Members were going through 80+ years of memorabilia came across Loy L's WWII Bronze Star, wool Garrison cap and other Medals, and asked if I would like to have them? I emphatically agreed and had the items sent on down here to Ecuador.

..out of the 50+ fifty# check bags I have had muled down here over the years, there is nothing quite as significant to me as this, it's proudly displayed on a shelf in my humble abode living room at the highest elevation possible.

..just before Loy L. passed in about late 1990 - to early 1991 I was up visiting one weekend and we were up late watching television, I was flipping through the channels, Saturday Night Live was on and Dana Carvey was doing his impression of GW Bush #41.
Loy L. got very upset and a tear trickled down his face, he said: "What has this country come to, when they will allow the Office of the Commander & Chief to be demoralized like this?"
..out of every lesson on anything he ever taught me or demonstrated to me, this was probably one of the most important.

Ironically, soon after Loy L. passed, it was like the torch was passed and I was suddenly spending a good amount of time with another WWII Vet, 4 yrs ARMY & re-upped 4yrs NAVY my Biological Grand Father: John K. Abercrombie 04 NOV 1920 - 27 APR 2005 Murrayville, GA. RIP- He was a COOK. I look back, and down to this day Veterans have all ways been there for me, most every step of the way, and I can't possibly by name, rank & Serial No. mention them all, but you all know who you are, and please know I am very grateful for pointing me in the right direction.

Last weekend I had a KOREAN War Vet 32 yr US ARMY RET COL down for a 4 day Mindo Bird Watching Tour, Good Gosh we had a blast, it was just like old times. ...when you dealing with VETs there seems to normally be one common denominator, you know right where they stand. one long time friend Viet Nam Vet that I speak and deal with often says: "I ain't in the Bull Shit Business."

More Birding photos from the Brothers Rodrigo & Angel Paz Sanctuario in Nanegalito, Ecuador:

Andean Cock of the Rock:

Giant Antpitta:

 ..other locations included Los Bancos- Mirador Rio Blanco & Milpe Refugio / (MCF) Mindo Cloud Forest; birds seen but not photoed - yellow breasted mannikin finches, ochre breasted antpitta - crimson mantled woodpecker, wood creeper, blue winged tanager, rufous-bellied nighthawk, white capped dipper, and various humming birds - colibries~

You Tube from another birder at Refugio Paz de Las Aves, Nanegalito, Ecuador. Video by Dušan M. Brinkhuizen.:

We Lodged centrally located in Mindo 22 km's East to La Paz & 24 km's West to MCF at Casa de Piedra with our gracious hosts Henry & Sara:

Thanks for stopping by and viewing, come see us? "Journeyman Jack in Ecuador"

AHHH CUENCA!!: Cuenca Independence Days - #4

AHHH CUENCA!!: Cuenca Independence Days - #4:

Cuenca Independence Days - #4

   Yep, it's my 4th time experiencing Cuenca's week-long independence (from
Spain 194 years ago) celebrations.  My first one happened to be the
starting days of my initial exploratory trip, though I was delayed
getting to Cuenca because American Airlines left my bags behind in
Miami.  So, I was stuck in butt-ugly-hot-humid Guayaquil waiting for my
bags to catch up with me.  That was 2010.

November 3rd is 'THE' day, which this year fell on a Monday, so we had a
long 3-day weekend to party.  Concerts were all over the place, craft
fairs, a carnival, parades, a classic car show, comical races, food up
the wazoo, fireworks, and much more.   There was even a band at the
airport to greet visitors coming out of baggage claim while, at the same
time, greeters handed out orchids and other small gifts.....<read more>