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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Are you contemplating relocation? Escape the Asylum – To South America

Are you contemplating relocation? October 7, 2014 by John Little -, by Alexandra Devereaux:

  Relocation can be a bit tricky if you do not do your homework thoroughly. It also requires knowing yourself, knowing what you can tolerate, and what you cannot. But, in these coming times, know that you are going to have to “Stretch” that tolerance and faith to a point of near breaking, as nothing will be as it ever has been before. However, the single most important aspect before considering relocation, is your communication with the Holy Spirit.

  Perhaps you have not given it any thought so far, or are struggling with the idea presently. Well, I assure you, turning this decision over to the Lord, as I did, is your best option, as He alone knows what path is best for you. After reading this article, you will realize it may not be easy, but if you are truly to be in some other place, the Lord will take you there.

  As proof of that statement, I offer to you, my personal story of a journey of “Obedience” to the Lord, after being told by the Holy Spirit to leave the U.S.(read more)......

Monday, October 6, 2014

ECUADOR NEWS MAGAZINE: Ecuadorian police dismantled the most dangerous dr...

ECUADOR NEWS MAGAZINE: Ecuadorian police dismantled the most dangerous dr...:

Ecuadorian police dismantled the most dangerous drug gang in the country

drugs seized by police
drugs seized by police

Ecuador news
magazine - Quito, Oct 6 - Ecuadorian police dismantled a gang of
suspected drug traffickers, considered "the most dangerous" operating in
the South American country, said Monday Interior Minister Jose Serrano.

Pacífico", disjointed alleged dangerous band of drug trafficking in the
country and its leader Celso M (sic)," said the official on his Twitter

He refers to
the police action called Operación Pacífico, which allowed the arrest
of 10 people including Celso M. will, alleged ringleader of the drug
organization, the official said in a press conference.

the operation, police seized yachts and other assets of the
organization, including a house with a cockpit and 400 kilograms (kg) of
drug, amount produced weekly.

They also found six guns, two satellite cell phones, navigation charts, coordinates and other documentary evidence.

"From the
cities of Manta, Guayaquil, Muisne, Puerto Viejo, Pedernales and
Salinas, there were delivered about 400 kilograms of drugs a week to
Guatemala and Panama," stated Minister Serrano.

Already in
these Central American countries, the alkaloid was given to
organizations to be transported to Mexico and the United States...
ECUADOR NEWS MAGAZINE: Ecuadorian police dismantled the most dangerous

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Olon Again...Naturally: Expats Helping Kids in Ecuador

Olon Again...Naturally: Expats Helping Kids in Ecuador: May 21, 2012 The gringos are coming!   Four years ago, Todd and I had a hard time keeping many of our new Ecuadorian friends straight ( “...