Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Agreement signed between U.S. And Ecuador for marketing of bananas

--That's no small bananas--

United States imports an annual average of 30 million boxes of bananas,
with an estimated market value of $885 million dollars, through the Port
of Hueneme. This agreement, managed by the PRO ECUADOR's Commercial
Office in Los Angeles, provides a more direct approach that will provide
exporters of Ecuadorian bananas, better facilities.

.....read more: Agreement signed between U.S. And Ecuador for marketing of bananas

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our New Andean Life: Father's Day

Damn Goats!


As many of you know we have been having serious issues with our goats. 
To the point where we are seriously considering selling them.  First it
started off with moving up here on this mountain above Cuenca and
eventually not having enough pasture.  So, we created more pasture with
the hopes of moving them back and forth between pastures every two
months or so.  

 Well, the wire that was sold to Mark as aluminum was not
and has started to rust, which has created shorts in the wire.  Which
means that the electric power running through the fence is weak and the
goats have learned that.  Every two or three times a day they go through
or hop the fence to head to greener pastures.  Our neighbor's
pastures.  They don't eat as much as his cows do and don't do any of the
damage that they do, but they are our neighbors and we want to be good
neighbors.  So, they can't keep doing this...read more:

Our New Andean Life: Father's Day:

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Retiring to Ecuador....Why not!: Cinco de Mayo - a Mexican holiday in Ecuador

Cinco de Mayo - a Mexican holiday in Ecuador

Cinco de Mayo isn't celebrated in Ecuador. Why? Because it's a Mexican
holiday and one that many in the US have adopted as a reason to party.
In our case it became a reason to meet up with friends, both old and

Jack Abercrombie,
a well known tour guide-driver from Quito (the capital of Ecuador) was
visiting the area for a few days and called for a gathering of friends
at Fabiano's (our favorite pizza spot). He anticipated maybe 20-25
people. We ended the afternoon at over 40!

We saw old friends and made several new ones. We caught up on folks were
doing, talked motorcycles, listened to stories about health care here
in Cuenca, chatted about the adventure of moving here and a lot more.

Here are some photos I took...great afternoon and delicious food (I had the lasagna and Stu had a meat lovers pizza)...: http://www.retiredincuenca.com/2014/05/cinco-de-mayo-mexican-holiday-in-ecuador.html