Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Confessions… Ecuador 2014

Christmas Confessions… Ecuador 2014

Bless Me Father, For I’m About To Sin

Ecuador 2014
Ecuador 2014

Part One       (Jack and Paula)

We’ve decided to leave the country and retire in South America. It’s the place that seems to be the most affordable.

Dammit, I thought there would be more in our savings account, but things didn’t work out like I had hoped.

The equity in our home is gone. Not sure if there is even enough value in the property to pay the realtor fees.

We could just walk away. I hear of people doing that all the time.

Our retirement savings is just a smidge over $20,000.

I think by selling all the furniture, we could afford the airline tickets without touching the savings.

We don’t show enough income for a residency Visa… Our Social Security is all we have, and it’s off the mark by $32...<read more>

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