Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy Veterans Day from Mindo, Ecuador NOV 2014

I want to thank each and every Man & Woman that has served, and a special shout out to WWII: Vet Loy L. Smith: 3 Jan 1922; - 31 Oct 1991. Murrayville, GA. RIP- He was a DRIVER.
Loy L. married my Grand Mother Margarita the year I was born, and was just like my real Grand Dad.

I spent most every summer break in the N. GA Mountains right across the road from the north end of Lake Lanier. By the time I was 12 Loy L. had me capable of taking his 50 Ford pick up truck to run errands to the local country store alone, and got a kick out of it, I did too.
..about 2 years ago Margarita was put in an assisted living home and while Family Members were going through 80+ years of memorabilia came across Loy L's WWII Bronze Star, wool Garrison cap and other Medals, and asked if I would like to have them? I emphatically agreed and had the items sent on down here to Ecuador.

..out of the 50+ fifty# check bags I have had muled down here over the years, there is nothing quite as significant to me as this, it's proudly displayed on a shelf in my humble abode living room at the highest elevation possible.

..just before Loy L. passed in about late 1990 - to early 1991 I was up visiting one weekend and we were up late watching television, I was flipping through the channels, Saturday Night Live was on and Dana Carvey was doing his impression of GW Bush #41.
Loy L. got very upset and a tear trickled down his face, he said: "What has this country come to, when they will allow the Office of the Commander & Chief to be demoralized like this?"
..out of every lesson on anything he ever taught me or demonstrated to me, this was probably one of the most important.

Ironically, soon after Loy L. passed, it was like the torch was passed and I was suddenly spending a good amount of time with another WWII Vet, 4 yrs ARMY & re-upped 4yrs NAVY my Biological Grand Father: John K. Abercrombie 04 NOV 1920 - 27 APR 2005 Murrayville, GA. RIP- He was a COOK. I look back, and down to this day Veterans have all ways been there for me, most every step of the way, and I can't possibly by name, rank & Serial No. mention them all, but you all know who you are, and please know I am very grateful for pointing me in the right direction.

Last weekend I had a KOREAN War Vet 32 yr US ARMY RET COL down for a 4 day Mindo Bird Watching Tour, Good Gosh we had a blast, it was just like old times. ...when you dealing with VETs there seems to normally be one common denominator, you know right where they stand. one long time friend Viet Nam Vet that I speak and deal with often says: "I ain't in the Bull Shit Business."

More Birding photos from the Brothers Rodrigo & Angel Paz Sanctuario in Nanegalito, Ecuador:

Andean Cock of the Rock:

Giant Antpitta:

 ..other locations included Los Bancos- Mirador Rio Blanco & Milpe Refugio / (MCF) Mindo Cloud Forest; birds seen but not photoed - yellow breasted mannikin finches, ochre breasted antpitta - crimson mantled woodpecker, wood creeper, blue winged tanager, rufous-bellied nighthawk, white capped dipper, and various humming birds - colibries~

You Tube from another birder at Refugio Paz de Las Aves, Nanegalito, Ecuador. Video by Dušan M. Brinkhuizen.:

We Lodged centrally located in Mindo 22 km's East to La Paz & 24 km's West to MCF at Casa de Piedra with our gracious hosts Henry & Sara:

Thanks for stopping by and viewing, come see us? "Journeyman Jack in Ecuador"

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  1. Those are great pictures! I'm glad that you took some time to recognize and honor the men and women who served the nation and protected its people, especially the man acted as your grandfather. He seems like a great man. I know how proud you are to have him in your life. Kudos and all the best to you, Jack!

    Victoria Pierce @ Fight 4 Vets