Saturday, August 16, 2014

ECUADOR NEWS MAGAZINE: U.S. airline is interested in the Ecuadorian marke...

Jet Blue
Airways Corporation, a U.S. airline, intended to set up alliances with
Ecuador through the Fort-Lauderdale (Florida) -Quito route.

Meyerson, director for Latin America and the Caribbean for Jet Blue
Airways Corporation, and Jeffrey Goodell, Vice President of Government
and Airport Affairs for Jet Blue Airways Corporation, presented their
proposal to the Minister to promote connectivity between the U.S. and
Ecuador, as an option to increase the tourist flow for both nations.

mentioned that their interest in Quito is mainly because they saw great
development in the Ecuadorian market, and U.S. citizens are interested
in traveling to new tourist destinations.

If an
agreement is reached, Jet Blue would start operations around the first
quarter of 2015, ensuring moderate prices and high quality for its

On the other hand, the Minister of Tourism thanked Meyerson and Goodell for the airline’s interest in the Ecuadorian market. 

However, she clarified, that before making any decision it was necessary to consult with other government agencies.

ECUADOR NEWS MAGAZINE: U.S. airline is interested in the Ecuadorian marke...: Quito Ecuador news magazine - Quito (Pichincha).- Sandra Naranjo, Minister of Tourism, met with representatives of Jet Blue Airways Corp...

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