Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Is Ecuador Dangerous? The latest from ECUADOR GEORGE 17 JUN 2014

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The latest from ECUADOR GEORGE
by George M Forgues:

I hear the same questions all the time… Is Ecuador Dangerous? Can I bring my guns with me? Is the food safe to eat? Can you drink the water? Do the locals hate us?

When I was still in California, someone told me to be extra careful
when visiting Ecuador beaches. He had heard that there were fleas that would get under your skin and start eating away at your flesh. Only amputation would save you…. I was expecting to see a bunch of one legged surfers when we were in Montanita….

Someone else told me to always carry my wallet in my front pocket, no matter where I was. Expats are targets for pickpockets so you need to be extra careful at all times. This is a little more relevant than the flesh eating sand fleas, but for me, I only move my wallet to the front pocket when I am in crowded areas like buses, parades or festivals. But I did the same thing back in the states. Normal caution.....read more: Is Ecuador Dangerous?

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