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How do you like living in ECUADOR Journeyman Jack...? FRI 13 JUN 2014

How do you like living in ECUADOR Journeyman Jack...?  

By Jack Abercrombie Hi Neighbors,

Back in mid SEP 2008 - mid MAR 2009 EC.: I did my exploratory whirlwind tour via the auto bus / backpacking / hosteling about 90 days on the coast & 90 days in the sierra, I did not want to leave.: mid MAR to mid JUN '09 I flew (ran) home to GA to get my docs & last minute affairs in order, and I have not set foot out of EC since my last entry into this diversely rich country since JUN 2009...


This is exactly how my EC Migration Movement doc reads, I not long ago got one for the 5th or 6th time to complete my naturalization / citizenship back on 21 APR 2014 when I got sworn in as an Ecuadorian Citizen.

I can tell / write you how much I like / dislike EC until I am blue in the face, but the above dates of my actions & example may speak more clearly & loudly.

I liked & loved GA for the first 45 yrs. of my life, not each and every aspect, but for the most part. a traveling tractor salesman (heavy equipment) backpacking / hosteling I spent OCT NOV DEC 2002 in Europe from Amsterdam NL to the bottom to Athens, Greece, liked & loved it for the most part. years eve 2002 I flew from Athens to Cairo, spent JAN FEB to MAR 14th 2003 in Egypt, Israel, Jordan & Lower (South) Egypt liked it, had a blast for the most part. was an adventure / learning - eye opening experience that made my mind up, that I indeed wanted to live abroad.
(nice place to visit or part time work, but not to live permanently) took me about 5 yrs to wrap up GA on my mind and make up my mind just where to go look, so by 2008- the time my opportunity to check EC out came up, I absolutely fell in LOVE with it.

I whine (cheese) & complain at times about GOV Bureaucracy back in GA & as well here in EC, 

EC has changed drastically on it's own in the past 5 yrs & will change even more drastically in the next 5 to come, ..but EC has changed me as well, little by little.

--“Change is the only constant in life”
“No man ever steps into the same river twice”. An ever flowing river is there and even has a name, yet the water in it keeps changing so that from one second to the next it is really a different river. ~ Heraclitus~ (the pre-Socractic Greek philosopher)--

To me, just IMHO, your & others MPG may vary, the pros are still outweighing the cons in EC 5+ yrs later from my standpoint..

I travel about 20,000km's per / yr from one end of EC to the other coastal & sierra:

I don't just stay on my keyboard / PC monitor- reporting in from my little mountain or coastal village or town, telling folks this is the only paradise spot on planet earth:)

If I stayed put in my little village of Mitad del Mundo 20 km's N. of Quito, I would go Loco / bonkers, it's nice to visit w/ my friends on the coast - cuenca - cotacachi - ibarra - mindo - banos - tena - esmeraldas - loja - vilcabamba - macas - GYE etc etc...for a reality check & compare notes.

I've seen a lot of folks come and go from EC since 2008

I am supposedly to be way past the honeymoon phase, but I just haven't been able to shake it off just yet:) long as EC is magical, challenging, discovering & teaching me lessons culturally & spiritually - that I am able to learn & grow from & able to share & benefit others, I'm all in.


But if it ever gets dull & boring - Jack will pack his little tool box and go play somewhere's else, probably in SA on an EC passport. (but it won't be GA nor NA)

EC has a pulse & gives me a pulse, it helps me to feel ALIVE...heck, maybe I will make it another 5+ yrs... thus far I'm Loving Every Minute of it:

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