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Ancient Sumerians In Ecuador: The Father Crespi Mystery…2014

Ancient Sumerians In Ecuador: The Father Crespi Mystery…

In the Amazonian Ecuadorian region called Morona Santiago there is a very deep cavern, known in Spanish as Cueva de los Tayos (Cave of the Oilbirds). According to some researchers the true discoverer of the huge archaeological treasures of the Cueva de los Tayos was not the Hungarian Juan Moricz, but rather the Salesian priest Carlo Crespi (1891-1982), a native of Milan, Italy....read more: http://hiddenincatours.com/ancient-sumerians-in-ecuador-the-father-crespi-mystery/

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tax Intelligence: New IRS offshore amnesty program- Monday, June 9, 2014

Tax Intelligence: New IRS offshore amnesty program: The IRS is now working on creating a path specifically for otherwise honest people who want to comply with their U.S. tax obligations, ...

FATCA. If you
hold assets over $50,000 in a bank account or any other kind of
financial assets outside the US during the year, you need to report it.
This reporting goes with your regular income tax return deadline April
15. IRS imposes a penalty of $10,000 if you fail reporting and $10,000
for each month thereafter up to a maximum of $60,000. 
Criminal charges may also apply.

you hold assets over $10,000 in a bank account or any other kind of
financial assets outside the US during the year, you need to report it.
This reporting requirement is in addition to FATCA. FBAR reporting goes
separately of your income tax return and its deadline is June 30. It is
an online filing only. IRS imposes a penalty of $10,000 if you
unwillfully omit this reporting. If wilfully, you will be subject to a
penalty of $100,000 or 50% of your holdings in foreign accounts,
whatever is greater. Criminal charges may also apply.

If you find yourself in non-compliance with these regulations for
previous years, there are some remedies that you can benefit from...read more: http://taxintelligence.blogspot.com/2014/06/new-irs-offshore-amnesty-program.html

Thursday, June 19, 2014

"So, is Quito really as dangerous in comparison to Cuenca as the internet sometimes* wants* me to believe?"--

  "So, is Quito really as dangerous in comparison to Cuenca as the internet sometimes* wants* me to believe?"--

By Jack Abercrombie Hi Neighbors, 
--No--not really--(IMHO) --

I have lived / rented in & based out of Quito since SEP 2008, I go to Cuenca several times a year on business and have many good friends there, that absolutely Love it!

"Is Quito more dangerous than Chicago?"--
--No--(IMHO) My Uncle that lives off and on in Cotacachi, lived in Glynn Ellen & worked out of Addison (CHI) for 25 yrs, I visited him often in the Greater Chicago Metro Area.

"Is it particularly more dangerous for expats?" --Trick Question-- 

 (IMHO) --It is dangerous for expats & Ecuadorians both, if they do not use a healthy amount of situational awareness.

"Can anyone who lives there give me some potential points it might be better than Cuenca?"

--No, not really (IMHO)...

Everyone's experience is different, MPG vary from one to another / beholder, but they are 2 totally different animals / apples & oranges, but -yes they are both UNESCO World heritage site cites..


Cuenca is Big, - Quito is Huge, they both have strong points, they both have various community's & neighborhoods you may would want to turn your situational awareness up a notch or 2:)


It is all ways recommended to come for an exploratory visit and see for yourself first hand / boots on the ground.
..but many folks cannot afford to do that, or don't care to, but that usually clears up a lot of the variance in the ole MPG thing.

If I knew more about your background and asked you about 4-5 questions back at you, I may could clear things up for you a little. I clock about 20,000 km's per year throughout a good bit of EC, I don't just stay put in my little town / neighborhood.:)
All of my web & blog links, articles, photos, videos, references, info and contact
 tel. #'s - US & EC. are all below:

Thank you!
Jack Abercrombie,
see Ecuador: http://JourneymanJack.com/

toll free from U.S. & Canada:
770-828-7913 or 770-872-4104,
Ecuador Off: 011-(593) 2-349-0348,
Claro: 011-(593) 98-806-6508,
Movistar: 011-(593) 98-743-3009,
Talk free on "skype" user name: "Jack.Abercrombie"

call Iridium Satellite Phone from the US & Canada:
011-8816-2146-2897, (In Emergency)
 call Iridium Satellite Phone from within EC:
00-8816-2146-2897, (In Emergency)

Fb: http://www.facebook.com/JourneymanJackinEcuador

Blog: http://journeymanjackinecuador.blogspot.com/

You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzl4rnxszGXGXEn-WY91hzg

Linked: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jackabercrombie

twitter: https://twitter.com/CatManDoTractor

My google maps - saved places - frequented in EC:

Photos of the Transport - Tour Vehicle: 2011 Kia K2700 Diesel 1.5 Ton 4wd / 4dr / half mini van /
half truck: https://plus.google.com/photos/108089047953129234429/albums/5684719527378323953?banner=pwa


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How do you like living in ECUADOR Journeyman Jack...? FRI 13 JUN 2014

How do you like living in ECUADOR Journeyman Jack...?  

By Jack Abercrombie Hi Neighbors,

Back in mid SEP 2008 - mid MAR 2009 EC.: I did my exploratory whirlwind tour via the auto bus / backpacking / hosteling about 90 days on the coast & 90 days in the sierra, I did not want to leave.:

..by mid MAR to mid JUN '09 I flew (ran) home to GA to get my docs & last minute affairs in order, and I have not set foot out of EC since my last entry into this diversely rich country since JUN 2009...


This is exactly how my EC Migration Movement doc reads, I not long ago got one for the 5th or 6th time to complete my naturalization / citizenship back on 21 APR 2014 when I got sworn in as an Ecuadorian Citizen.

I can tell / write you how much I like / dislike EC until I am blue in the face, but the above dates of my actions & example may speak more clearly & loudly.

I liked & loved GA for the first 45 yrs. of my life, not each and every aspect, but for the most part.

..as a traveling tractor salesman (heavy equipment) backpacking / hosteling I spent OCT NOV DEC 2002 in Europe from Amsterdam NL to the bottom to Athens, Greece, liked & loved it for the most part.

..new years eve 2002 I flew from Athens to Cairo, spent JAN FEB to MAR 14th 2003 in Egypt, Israel, Jordan & Lower (South) Egypt liked it, had a blast for the most part. ..it was an adventure / learning - eye opening experience that made my mind up, that I indeed wanted to live abroad.
(nice place to visit or part time work, but not to live permanently)

..it took me about 5 yrs to wrap up GA on my mind and make up my mind just where to go look, so by 2008- the time my opportunity to check EC out came up, I absolutely fell in LOVE with it.

I whine (cheese) & complain at times about GOV Bureaucracy back in GA & as well here in EC, 

EC has changed drastically on it's own in the past 5 yrs & will change even more drastically in the next 5 to come, ..but EC has changed me as well, little by little.

--“Change is the only constant in life”
“No man ever steps into the same river twice”. An ever flowing river is there and even has a name, yet the water in it keeps changing so that from one second to the next it is really a different river. ~ Heraclitus~ (the pre-Socractic Greek philosopher)--

To me, just IMHO, your & others MPG may vary, the pros are still outweighing the cons in EC 5+ yrs later from my standpoint..

I travel about 20,000km's per / yr from one end of EC to the other coastal & sierra: https://www.facebook.com/JourneymanJackinEcuador/photos_albums

I don't just stay on my keyboard / PC monitor- reporting in from my little mountain or coastal village or town, telling folks this is the only paradise spot on planet earth:)

If I stayed put in my little village of Mitad del Mundo 20 km's N. of Quito, I would go Loco / bonkers, it's nice to visit w/ my friends on the coast - cuenca - cotacachi - ibarra - mindo - banos - tena - esmeraldas - loja - vilcabamba - macas - GYE etc etc...for a reality check & compare notes.

I've seen a lot of folks come and go from EC since 2008

I am supposedly to be way past the honeymoon phase, but I just haven't been able to shake it off just yet:)..as long as EC is magical, challenging, discovering & teaching me lessons culturally & spiritually - that I am able to learn & grow from & able to share & benefit others, I'm all in.


But if it ever gets dull & boring - Jack will pack his little tool box and go play somewhere's else, probably in SA on an EC passport. (but it won't be GA nor NA)

EC has a pulse & gives me a pulse, it helps me to feel ALIVE...heck, maybe I will make it another 5+ yrs... thus far I'm Loving Every Minute of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPKAwJKGSDc

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Is Ecuador Dangerous? The latest from ECUADOR GEORGE 17 JUN 2014

Thank you GringoTree for picking www.ecuadorgeorge.com as your Best Blog of the Day.

The latest from ECUADOR GEORGE
by George M Forgues:

I hear the same questions all the time… Is Ecuador Dangerous? Can I bring my guns with me? Is the food safe to eat? Can you drink the water? Do the locals hate us?

When I was still in California, someone told me to be extra careful
when visiting Ecuador beaches. He had heard that there were fleas that would get under your skin and start eating away at your flesh. Only amputation would save you…. I was expecting to see a bunch of one legged surfers when we were in Montanita….

Someone else told me to always carry my wallet in my front pocket, no matter where I was. Expats are targets for pickpockets so you need to be extra careful at all times. This is a little more relevant than the flesh eating sand fleas, but for me, I only move my wallet to the front pocket when I am in crowded areas like buses, parades or festivals. But I did the same thing back in the states. Normal caution.....read more: Is Ecuador Dangerous?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Move Mountains or go through them or around them!

I got 18 out of 20 correct on my Spanish test out of a rotating pool of 200 questions at the ANT Agency National Transit = DMV to Grand Father / Transfer my GA CDL (Comm Driver License) Class A Tractor Trailer Combination up to 80,000#'s , to an EC equivalent to a Professional Class E in Quito today.

I started this process back on 17 MAR, the day b4 my GA LIC expired on my B-day, took 3 months.

In spite of it being FRI the 13th-

-Typical FRI Quito Traffic-

-My Pico y Placa Day, which means I cannot enter or leave the city limits of Quito from 7am - 9:30am and cannot leave or enter from 4pm - 7:30pm to cut down on rush hour traffic, designated by my Tag / License plate ending in "0".

-In spite of CME (Coronal Mass Ejections) predicted for today:) I just did a Hale Mary and went on it for it anyway!

I hope everyone had a Great Day. Don't let anything hold you back, if you hang in there and try hard enough you will see light at the end of the tunnel & can Move Mountains or go through them or around them!

..and Many Many Thanks = Mil Gracias to Attila Gyuris for his lengthy detailed posts on the various EC Expat Groups on just how to go about this License Transfer process.

...back in 2010 this was not an option, $200.+ ANETA driving school 3 nights a week for 1 month to get my EC. "B" class Light Vehicle License & Motorcycle License.

I have more typical EC Bureaucratic Hurdles to jump through this month, coming months, I just keep plugging along:)

Well this the only FRI the 13th we get in 2014, with a Full Moon to Boot, so get out there and soak up some Moon Beams, Gomez, Morticia & Uncle Fester would be proud of a night like tonight:)

--Full Moon on Friday, June 13th, 2014, A Rare Day For Omens and Magic-- By Dikki-Jo Mullen:

"Each year there is at least one Friday The 13th. Usually there are two, but occasionally there will be three of these mystical and controversial days. At first glance triskadekophiles (those who love the number thirteen) must just heave a sigh and decide to make the best of what they have been given by the cosmos this year. 2014 brings us only one, Friday June 13."
"However, http://dikkijomullen.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/full-moon-on-friday-the-thirteenth-friday-june-13-2014/

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cost of Living in Cuenca Ecuador 2014

 Cost of Living in Cuenca Ecuador 2014

This information was kept current every day during our second month in Ecuador.

These numbers should give a good indication as to what normal
expenses will be for the coming months. I was hoping it would be a
little less, but we would have to stop eating out, and how do you do
Here are the numbers from May of 2014.
  • Rent on our 2 bedroom 2 bath, 1300 square foot, fully furnished, El Centro apartment, with internet and Direct TV included was $650.
  • Data plan for 2 smart phones $70. (we own the phones)...read more: Cost of Living in Cuenca Ecuador 2014