Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our New Andean Life: Father's Day

Damn Goats!


As many of you know we have been having serious issues with our goats. 
To the point where we are seriously considering selling them.  First it
started off with moving up here on this mountain above Cuenca and
eventually not having enough pasture.  So, we created more pasture with
the hopes of moving them back and forth between pastures every two
months or so.  

 Well, the wire that was sold to Mark as aluminum was not
and has started to rust, which has created shorts in the wire.  Which
means that the electric power running through the fence is weak and the
goats have learned that.  Every two or three times a day they go through
or hop the fence to head to greener pastures.  Our neighbor's
pastures.  They don't eat as much as his cows do and don't do any of the
damage that they do, but they are our neighbors and we want to be good
neighbors.  So, they can't keep doing more:

Our New Andean Life: Father's Day:

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