Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What Do Ecuadorians Think About Americans in Ecuador?

What Do Ecuadorians Think About Americans in Ecuador?

Do You Care About What Ecuadorians Think About You?   (part 2)

Lets start with a couple of short stories today…

Americans in Ecuador 

An Ugly Touchdown in Guayaquil

I was pretty tired when our plane landed at Guayaquil International…
Another long flight from the states. It was almost mid-night as the
plane taxied towards the gate and finally came to a stop.

Now count to 5.

That is how long it took for some guy sitting behind me to yell, “hey, turn the lights on.” 

The lights were turned on and everyone started to get out of their seats to disembark. The same guy yells again, “Thanks for the lights…. Guess this is the first time you ever flew an airplane.” 

I looked over at Chad and whispered, “Mad White Guy”.

Yes, we were not even out of the plane before some whack-job decided to open his more:

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