Thursday, March 6, 2014

Event Horizon Chronicle: The Ayahuasca Totalitarian Dictatorship Visions

By Richard Sauder:
Event Horizon Chronicle: The Ayahuasca Totalitarian Dictatorship Visions: Back in late 2010, when I came to Ecuador to pursue a shamanic vision quest, I did not know what to expect. I still don't! I say that ...

Transparent As a Pane of Glass

To me the answer to all these questions is "yes". It's transparently obvious to me. The totalitarian dictatorship that ayahuasca
showed to me two years ago is being methodically set in place. It was a
clear vision, like looking at a computer monitor. Current events are
resembling more and more closely what I was shown. The USSA government
is irretrievably wicked. Its agents will kill people. That's what the
NDAA is all about. There won't be a trail of evidence or a trial.
They'll just eliminate people.

If you need an image to bring it into focus, look at this photo of DHS ICE special agents training for a national security "emergency."  Does that not look ominous? Note that the American flag is conspicuously reversed. Get it?

for the threat of a major, international war, it is real, and growing
by the day. The USSA at present is clearly on a trajectory to a military
confrontation with Russia, China, Syria and Iran and maybe more. The
conflict may well go nuclear.

The threat of one or more spectacular, notorious "false flag" attacks to create a war panic is also very real.

advice to anyone who is inclined to leave the USSA is to leave just as
soon as you can feasibly manage it. Better to be a little bit early than
a little bit too late. When the doors are slammed shut and the Feds are
rounding people up, or using those 141,000 rounds of sniper ammo to
liquidate people on their "watch lists", it will be too late.

Sometimes God helps those who help themselves.

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