Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Retiring to Ecuador....Why not!: How did we move all our stuff?

Retiring to Ecuador....Why not!: How did we move all our stuff?: I know I've discussed this in various back posts but it was hit or miss.
I keep getting questions about how we moved all our stuff and thought
I'd put it all in one post.

At the Airport

Also, note that not everyone moves in suitcases like we did. Many folks
ship pallets or shipping containers full of their stuff. Each person
must make their own decisions about what is important to THEM. We had
made an exploratory trip so had a general idea about what to bring other
than clothes.

This is what flew with us on American Airlines, December 2013. We flew
business class which gave us THREE FREE bags each! We paid $150 for each
additional bag, thus our three extra bags cost us $450. Also, by flying
business class we had a weight allowance of 70# each bag!

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