Friday, February 21, 2014

Resonance in the Pyramids of La Maná, Ecuador

Resonance in the Pyramids of La Maná, Ecuador

The Hummingbird Pyramid is Discovered in La Maná, Ecuador Among 17 Ancient Temples
by Alex Putney for
February 11, 2014

A monumental discovery was recently made south of La Maná, Ecuador on November 17, 2013 while exploring low mountains along the Calope River. The megalithic ruins of an ancient temple have been partially exposed by the dynamite blasts of roadworkers and the erosive action of water, uncovering large sections of basalt foundations along two sides of a structure exceeding 70m in height.

Before any discussion with the community members of this area on such complex subjects, one local resident and guide to the region mentioned the unusual recurrence of rumbling sounds in these thickly forested mountains surrounding the magnificent Seven Cascades. He stated that ultra-low frequency sounds often resounded during the nighttime hours, especially during the rainy season months from December to April, and suggested these mountain peaks were used by ancient people for transmitting communications over long distances. Tesla would have agreed with that suggestion! more:

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