Sunday, February 23, 2014

New changes and procedures for Visiting at Quito womens Prison

New changes and procedures

I want to thank you for taking some time to read this. The prison has continued to implement more changes to the women’s prison in Quito. The first change that they are enforcing is that you cannot bring in anything to the prisoners on visit days. Visit days are still Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. I do know that when I have given items such as tissue paper, toothpaste, diapers and toys, the women are genuinely grateful. I cannot judge the women there for any drug use or pregnancies that happen in that particular prison.
Anyone that is in the Quito area can still give basic necessity items such as toiletry items, feminine hygiene products, or food. They are putting a limit on the amount of items you can give per lady to ten. If you want to give items, then you need to go to the prison on Mondays or Thursdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and drop it off with the guard there. You need to have a first and last name for the guard so he knows who to give it to. I give to three prisoners there, two are Americans and one is from the Philippines. They distribute donated things to other inmates there. Please email me at for those or other names if you want to visit or give. Please read my first blog entry on how to visit prisoners in person. The link for that is
If you cannot make it to the prison and still want to help, I have started a gofundme site for them. Every penny donated will go to toiletries, food, toys, etc to the people that live inside that prison. Here is the link to donate:
I want to personally thank the two biggest English bookstores in the Plaza Foch area for their book donations to the women. The word that can best describe their reaction to the boxes of books is gratitude.
Comments by Journeyman Jack: I have met & personlly know the above writer Tim De. he is a fine fellow for taking the time to help out and visit at the Quito Womens Prison.

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