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AirMed and Medivac service and insurance in Ecuador - 30 Jan 2014

AirMed and Medivac service and insurance in Ecuador

Passing on information from a fellow expat as of 30 Jan 2014:
Air Med in Ecuador
Air Med in Ecuador

“Medi Vacs are available, and I try to urge my friends, family & guests to purchase a Travel Insurance policy that includes Medivac.

My Sister was here in SEP and had a policy for $80. that included Medivac, you just never know?

We did right at 3,000KM circle of EC encompassing the Coast. I insisted she get Ins. Coverage for the 3 week trip. I want to be able to call in a medical helicopter transport, as well as medical emergency flight back to the US if need be, I keep a Satellite Phone in the truck just in case we are in a no cell phone signal remote areas: “
Coverage limits are per person. Plan cost is for all persons.

Company Allianz Global Assistance logo
Plan Name Deluxe
Plan Terms Full Details
Plan Type Package
Total Policy Cost $80.00
Available to Travelers from U.S.

90 plan reviews
Trip Cancellation $736
Trip Interruption $1,104
Financial Default Selected Suppliers, 7 day wait if purchased within 14 days of initial trip payment

Terrorism in Itinerary City Foreign & U.S. Domestic
Cancel For Any Reason Not Available
Travel Baggage $2,500 2
Travel Baggage Delay 24+ hours
$600 max. 2
Travel Delay 6+ hours
$1,500 max.

Medical $50,000
Dental $750 Incl. in Medical

Emergency Medical Evacuation $1,000,000

24-Hour Emergency Assistance Yes

Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver If insurance purchased within 14 days of Initial Trip Payment
Pre-Existing Condition Period 120 Days
Insurance Company Jefferson

A.M. Best Rating A
Refund Policy 10 Day Review Period
Rental Car Collision/Loss (per policy) $50,000

Accidental Death – 24-Hour $50,000

Accidental Death – Common Carrier Included in Accidental Death – 24-hour

Accidental Death – Flight Included in Accidental Death – 24-hour

–For the price and this good of coverage, it makes no sense to not have it. Is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.–

Contributed to Considering Cuenca by Me: "Journeyman Jack in Ecuador" more:

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