Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dec23 by helpingkidsinecuador - Daniel is home!

Daniel is home!

Daniel arrived at the Cuenca airport this  Sunday evening. He was welcomed by over 50 friends and relatives!

 Daniel's welcome committee.

As you can imagine Daniel and his mother were overwhelmed by the reception. Talking with his mother she indicated she feels this is like Daniel and her “First ”  Christmas. This gift of life is definitely the most incredible Christmas gift possible!!!

Daniel and mom-
Daniel and mom

Her gratitude to all who helped in saving her child’s life is so very obvious when speaking with her…she is sincerely grateful to all who participated by contributions, thoughts and prayers. This Christmas miracle is acknowledged by all…family and doctors alike.
We, too, want to thank everyone for your incredible response to Helping Kids in Ecuador. This would never have happened without your support. We especially want to thank our medical adviser, Dr. Victor Astudillo of Clinica Latino whose contact with the Foundation Metropolitano set this entire project in motion.
Daniel and Rocio arriving

 Daniel and Rocio arriving

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