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Bounty From The North August 23, 2013 by johnandmarylivingitupinecuador

Bounty From The North

One of the most surprising things that has happened to Mary and me since we started posting articles and pictures on this blog has been the number of new people we have met from all over the world.  Many of these new friends have commented and even sent emails and we have become well acquainted with them.  Some have even come to San Clemente on vacation and we have been able to put faces with names.

Jim (left), Rob and Diane
Jim (left), Rob and Diane

We love living here in our small fishing village of San Clemente and we have just about everything we need within an easy walk or bike ride from our home.  We are also near enough to Portoviejo, Bahia, and Manta that we can travel to those cities for bigger items that we can not find here or in Charapoto.  But, there are a few items that we crave at times that are difficult to locate or are unavailable even at the bigger stores.....read more: http://johnandmarylivingitupinecuador.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/bounty-from-the-north/comment-page-1/#comment-4515

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