Thursday, August 15, 2013

AHHH CUENCA!!: Return to Baños - Part IV of IV

AHHH CUENCA!!: Return to Baños - Part IV of IV: As I said when I last signed off, I headed back to Cuenca (from Baños) via a different route than that I had driven so many times before.   This time, it was along the edges of the Amazon.  I had NO clue what the route might be like.  It was a brand-spankin new adventure.
This leg was a bit of a rarity in that so much of my driving here in EC is in the Andes mountains, which means curve after curve after CURVE!!!  Now I was in the flatlands and I could make good speed.  Or so I thought.
This went on for what seemed like infinity.  However, the views were stunning.   The long, wide lake formed by the Paute Dam was beautiful.   Finally, after winding, and swerving, and passing, and dust, and mud, and racing dumptrucks, I arrived in familiar territory, the town of Paute....about 40 minutes outside Cuenca.  Home was in sight.  I drove past the point on the autopista where my car broke down the last time I returned from a trip to Baños and figured it was all a success.  Dog-tired and my head spinning, I got home about 7pm.
Here's some statistics:
  • Kms driven = 1229 (780 miles)
  • Total cost of the 4-day trip = $283, which included:
    • $60 hotel room for 3 nights
    • $60 gas
    • $16 breakfasts
    • $25 lunches
    • $30 dinners
    • $14 snacks
    • $3 spa pools
    • $20 massage
    • $20 detox treatments (2)
    • $35 train ticket
Enjoy the photos!

PS....Thank you Mary for sharing with me the keyboard tricks for making Spanish puñctuation.


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