Monday, April 1, 2013

Latin America Current Events & News - Section » Ecuador

Latin America Current Events & News - Section » Ecuador:

Quito Ecuador: students at increased risk of robbery, assault in school zones reported the following:
Students are at increased risk of being robbed and assaulted in a number of school zones in Quito and environs.
A number of methods are used by assailants to relieve students of their cell phones, smartphones, and tablets. Many thieves will be dressed as a student in a similar school uniform which leads the victim to being vulnerable.
Sometimes assailants are in vehicles along the street and work in conjunction with another gang member dressed like a student and approaches the victim, when the assailants jump out of the car and make threats with knives or guns.
Statistics indicate that in 2011, there were 2,410 robberies of students reported. In 2012, the number was 2,415. So far in 2013, in the northern administrative zone of Quito, there have been 160 robberies of students recorded. Other statistics reveal that the overall number of victims of the age group 16 – 30 has increased substantially.
A police official indicated there is at least one known band of thieves which mark their victims outside of high schools.
Some victims have reported that they believe the robbers have informants in the school or school areas casing the students who have expensive items and then work in conjunction with assailants outside the school.
There have also been reports of robberies of individuals pretending to be street vendors.


  1. Thanks for posting this Jack. Very informative. I will still take this over kids toting guns to school.

    1. Hi Mike,
      On the night of 17 SEP 2008 I checked into the el campanairio real hostel at the corner of de almagro y pinto, in the heart of the la mariscal district, (what would be my base of operations for the next 6 months)
      ..and 1 month later during my mid afternoon spanish lesson shots rang out on 16 OCT. 2008 ..a 39 yrs young businessman John Ott was robbed and gunned down 2 blocks down from me at de almagro y calama. the robbers rode around the block and returned to the lifeless body and pumped 2 more rounds into him.

      Ecuador ain't no party, it ain't no disco, it ain't no fooling around. The next time you are out this way at the real middle of the world, drop by chief and we will smoke over a lot more incidents I have first hand knowledge of from the past 4.5 yrs in EC?

      I don't get a lot of hits on my web site nor blog, I rarely have the time to write anything of my own, just share others work and news articles. But when I do write something or speak with folks about EC,

      I don't sugar coat it or hold anything back. I will not have that on my conscience. Their are plenty of EC sites about everyone sitting around the campfire and singing Cumbaya out there all ready! (lol)
      All the Best,
      Jack Abercrombie
      N. Quito - ECUADOR

  2. Hello Friend
    Your website amazing and you can get the latest Latin American Current Events and Caribbean news from BBC News in USA for the recent disappearance of 43 students after clashes with police.