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Why Ecuador?: Moving On Up

Why Ecuador?: Moving On Up: When we moved to Ecuador we knew that we would need to start our own business to provide income for our family.  In April we took a leap of ...

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Our New Andean Life: Non-stop

Our New Andean Life: Non-stop: My family back home wonders what we do all day, and I know that it is a question that comes up with a lot of retired expats.  What do you do...

The Top 10 Ecuador list: Places to see, things to do:
By Ben Westwood
Editor's note: Ben Westwood, author of the Ecuador Moon Guide, offers a list of his favorite places and activities in Ecuador.

1. Quito:
Surrounded by Andean peaks, Quito's setting is enough to make anyone forget their troubles. The Unesco-listed historic, colonial Old Town is a maze of churches, plazas and narrow streets, perfect for getting lost in.