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Thu April 27, 2017 Water. Clean Drinking Water #AtoZChallenge

Drinking tap water in coastal Ecuador is a great way to get parasites. Or worse.
-- EJB

A few weeks after the April 16, 2016 7.8 Ecuador earthquake, Tennessee pastor Gary Vance arrived in Puerto López. He had a suitcase full of water filters and a plan - provide clean drinking water for those who needed it.
Clean water welcomed in a tent camp
Photo courtesy of Gary Vance
He offered to install a water filter for the Olón orphanage. We went there the next morning. Gary installed a filter and trained a thrilled staff on maintaining it.
Water filter installed at the Olón Orphanage
Photo courtesy of Gary Vance
Gary spent the rest of that trip traveling, making contacts, and installing filters in tent camps and communities throughout the earthquake damaged area.
Filters installed in a camp
Photo courtesy of Gary Vance

Gary was already planning his return trip and negotiating bulk filter pricing before he flew home. He founded the Tears2Water charity to "quench the thirst of victims of the earthquake devastation in Ecuador."
Gary's suitcase full of filters is behind him in this photo
Photo courtesy of Gary Vance
Gary has made six trips to Ecuador since the earthquake, spent 88 days in country, delivered 1000 filters, and documented over 5000 people who have gained filtered water.
Clean water!
Photo courtesy of Gary Vance
He trains local partners who install filters and train communities on proper use.
Filter installation
Photo courtesy of Gary Vance
Each filter provides enough water for 100 people per day. Small communities may only need one filter for all of their clean water needs.
Buckets with filters attached
Photo courtesy of Gary Vance
Elizabeth (pink shirt) training people on their filter buckets
Photo courtesy of Gary Vance

Bringing new filter bucket home
Photo courtesy of Gary Vance
Gary's seventh visit is in a few weeks. It won't be his last.
Did you ever begin a small project that turned into a passion?

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