Sunday, October 4, 2015

Howard's Blog: I had an accident! / Cuenca, ECUADOR SAT 19 SEP 2015

Howard's Blog: I had an accident!:

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I had an accident!

I was in a terrible accident Wednesday and suffered a major head injury and a concussion. I was on a speeding bus that made a sharp turn sending me through the back door, over the street and onto the sidewalk. I was rushed to the emergency room, by ambulance, and spent ten hours being observed and having my head stitched up. Luckily, no broken bones.

However, I was in a lot of pain. Mainly muscle pain. My vision isn't 100% yet but it has improved. I need several days of bed rest to let my brain heal. The doctor said it took quite a beating. We were scheduled to move into our house Thursday. That has been rescheduled for Monday. The people in the neighborhood that saw the incident were so helpful until the ambulance arrived. I was losing a lot of blood and one man held pressure on my head while a lady attempted to clean the pouring blood off of me with cotton balls.

The police ordered that the bus driver pay my hospital bill or be taken to jail for thirty days. He agreed to pay. The care I received in the hospital was excellent!! Mike is taking great care of me.


  1. That is a very scary thing to go through. My father in law was traveling over in Scotland and forgetting that they drive on the other side looked the wrong way only to be hit by a bus and thrown like 20 feet. This was probably about 10 years ago but, there is nothing worse than being in foreign land.

    Jason Hayes @ DECORM

  2. What an experience you had! I am glad you went through all of that and you are still here to tell about it. Take all the time you need to heal. Your brain and its health is nothing to mess around with. I am glad to hear that the bus driver will be paying for your hospital bill!

    Modesto Culbertson @ DZ Law Group