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Why Retiree Expats Adore Ecuador- MSN Money 26 NOV 2014

Why Retiree Expats Adore Ecuador- by  
MSN Money 26 NOV 2014 

  Do you have less money saved for retirement than you’d hoped? Is your pension or Social Security check too small for you to live out your retirement years comfortably in the United States? Or maybe you have saved enough, but want to do something more exotic than strolling the back nine in your newfound free time.

  In Ecuador, your money will stretch much further – perhaps even allowing you to afford things that would be considered luxuries in the United States –....

....The Realities of Life in a Developing Nation- When doing your research on whether to move to Ecuador, seek out the negative reports as well as the positive ones to get a more complete picture of the new life you’re considering. A good source of information from an American who knows Ecuador well is the book “100 Points to Consider Before Moving or Retiring in Ecuador” by Nicholas Crowder.:

The Bottom Line
Ecuador offers retirees a scenic backdrop, low cost of living and beautiful weather. It also has English-speaking expat communities, World Heritage sites, Amazon rainforests and miles of beaches. If you’re not on a tight budget, you can upgrade your lifestyle; if you are, you can stretch your dollars much further.

To enjoy retiring in Ecuador, you’ll need to have patience and a sense of adventure to overcome the culture shock and frustrations that can accompany life in a different and developing nation where you perhaps don’t speak the language. But plenty of American expats will attest that retiring in Ecuador is one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

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