Thursday, November 20, 2014

Watching 40 yr old reruns of Rockford Files on the PC via Hola & Hulu in Ecuador:)

ROCKFORD FILES: “The Countess” S1 E3 (1974)

Does the idea of retirement motivate you or scare the Bejesus out of you?  (OMG- How will I watch my favorite TV shows?)

“This is Jim Rockford. At the tone leave your name and message. I’ll get back to you.”

“Hey Rockford, very funny. I ain’t laughin’. You’re gonna get yours.”

The Ex-Con Tough Guy Private Eye and the Countess in this episode sets up the kind of drama & comic situations that made the Rockford Files Great.

--It sure beats watching the security camera monitor.--

Scene- back at the 1950's single wide / sea side mobile home /PI office, the Countess is a bit distraught / damsel in distress scene- Jimbo gives her slug of whiskey in a disposable plastic cup.
Countess:  "You certainly reduce things to their lowest common denominator."

Jimbo:   "It's a plastic world. If you don't like it that way, I can give it to you in a cheese glass."

 Final scene at the hospital- Countess asks Jimbo: "How do you deal with that?"

Jimbo: "We're all scared to death. I guess that's the penalty we pay for living in a world where all the price tags end in .99 cents, and we sell mortuary plots on billboards next to the freeway. What you do is, you just keep laughing. There gonna kiss your hand, honey, 'cause you are a Countess. 

Stop worrying about it. You're playing a big practical joke. Just, just keep laughin'. "

Countess: "Is that what you do?"

Jimbo: "You bet."

Then Jim leaves, with his tough guy familiar grin on his face, and arm in a sling. (as usual)

"Laughter will bring you back to center. It is the language of angels. It is how we speak to you through your own hearts. Re-member us when you see the darkness. Smile, and laugh. Jump into it because it is an opportunity for light." Avalon Healers Group. Watch the most recent Faces of Avalon video here, with founder Fred Burks:

~Jimbo:  "If I carried a gun, I might have to shoot someone"~

--"I've been watching a lot of 'Rockford Files' reruns on WGN (I heart TiVo) - A great show, and it really doesn't seem dated (aside from the clothes). One thing I don't understand, though, is why Rockford doesn't just apply for a permit to carry his gun?
--I know he's an ex-con, but since he rec'd a full pardon, wouldn't he be eligible?
--He was able to get a private investigator license, wouldn't that be at least as difficult to get as a license to carry a weapon?
--Going along with the PI license, wouldn't there be some assumption that you would, probably, carry a gun in your day-to-day work (heck, even if 99% (a figure pulled out of thin air) of private investigation deals with research for divorce cases, there is still some danger)?

I'm not asking why he doesn't carry a gun all the time, I know the answer to that ("If I carried a gun, I might have to shoot someone"). I'm just wondering why, for those times he took the gun out of the cookie jar, he didn't get the license. It would have saved him at least three arrests this week alone!
It wouldn't fit with his mindset anyways. Jim Rockford was more likely to ask around, sneak around, and then talk his way out of trouble than shoot a round. A gun makes you (the fictional PI) less cautious, more prone to making a cocky mistake. While JR may have seemed cocky at times, he was careful not to put himself or others in harm's way if he could help it."--
To go down this memory lane, I am using firefox as my browser, Hola UnBlocker allows me to be out of the US / Country and view old US TV Re-runs like the Rockford Files (and a lot more shows) on Hulu down here in little old Ecuador:

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