Thursday, November 20, 2014

4+1 countries you need to know about / Farm Land- November 20, 2014

Four countries you need to know about that will revolutionize food production- November 20, 2014
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile-

--"As we discussed yesterday, the world has certainly gotten itself into a serious pickle.

World population growth and economic trends are causing food demand to soar.

Demographers tell us that over 200,000 people will be present at the dinner table tonight who weren’t even alive yesterday.
And with over a billion people having been lifted out of poverty in the developing world (and more to follow), people are eating more food (and more resource intensive foods like meat) than ever before.

At the same time, farm yields have peaked in the developed world. Science has managed to extract from the ground as much as the earth can give."--<read more>

{comment from Jour-Ja: Mr. Black Left Ecuador out of his top 4 Picks for Farm Land Choices, we may not revolutionize farming but we do have a year round growing season and an abundance of water!}

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"Journeyman Jack in Ecuador" FB Page Albums Section for Fincas & Farm Land ranging from 6hct -23 - 30 -42 -66 -73 hectares.
(1 Hectar = 2.2 Acres. Come See US:)

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