Monday, September 29, 2014

Buying Property in Ecuador

Buying Property in Ecuador 

Retirement Hell,  Retirement Heaven.  You Pick.

buying property in ecuador
Vacant Beach Front Land

When was the last time someone lied to you?

Hurts, doesn’t it?

How about the last time you loaned someone money and they didn’t pay you back?

Think back, we’ve all done it.

Remember that friend you helped? You co-signed his car loan and he never made even one payment. I did the same thing.

Life is full of these little disappointments.

But thank god all that is behind you…. You don’t even hold a
resentment toward those people. You are retired now, and life is good.

In fact, you have never felt so good. You are healthy, have money in
the bank and a nice monthly income, and you have moved south to a lovely
little village on the coast of South America. No more mistakes for you.
Just fun and relaxation.

At this moment, your life is perfect....

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