Thursday, June 19, 2014

"So, is Quito really as dangerous in comparison to Cuenca as the internet sometimes* wants* me to believe?"--

  "So, is Quito really as dangerous in comparison to Cuenca as the internet sometimes* wants* me to believe?"--

By Jack Abercrombie Hi Neighbors, 
--No--not really--(IMHO) --

I have lived / rented in & based out of Quito since SEP 2008, I go to Cuenca several times a year on business and have many good friends there, that absolutely Love it!

"Is Quito more dangerous than Chicago?"--
--No--(IMHO) My Uncle that lives off and on in Cotacachi, lived in Glynn Ellen & worked out of Addison (CHI) for 25 yrs, I visited him often in the Greater Chicago Metro Area.

"Is it particularly more dangerous for expats?" --Trick Question-- 

 (IMHO) --It is dangerous for expats & Ecuadorians both, if they do not use a healthy amount of situational awareness.

"Can anyone who lives there give me some potential points it might be better than Cuenca?"

--No, not really (IMHO)...

Everyone's experience is different, MPG vary from one to another / beholder, but they are 2 totally different animals / apples & oranges, but -yes they are both UNESCO World heritage site cites..


Cuenca is Big, - Quito is Huge, they both have strong points, they both have various community's & neighborhoods you may would want to turn your situational awareness up a notch or 2:)


It is all ways recommended to come for an exploratory visit and see for yourself first hand / boots on the ground.
..but many folks cannot afford to do that, or don't care to, but that usually clears up a lot of the variance in the ole MPG thing.

If I knew more about your background and asked you about 4-5 questions back at you, I may could clear things up for you a little. I clock about 20,000 km's per year throughout a good bit of EC, I don't just stay put in my little town / neighborhood.:)
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Thank you!
Jack Abercrombie,
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Ecuador Off: 011-(593) 2-349-0348,
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