Monday, February 10, 2014

The Middle of the World - Ecuador Travel and Living: Quito Traffic "Que Bestia!"

Quito Traffic "Que Bestia!"

I promised in the beginning I would keep it real, upfront, and honest
throughout all of my blog posts.  So as promised I am here to tell you
one of Quito's ugliest and most brutal realities.


This is where you will spend a ton of your time if you live in Quito

I mean it is really bad.  Absolutely horrible.  This is being typed from
the hands of a Los Angeles native driver, so that in it self should say
a lot.  But seriously, my 10 mile commute is actually an hour and a
half at a minimum. 

The miniature version of "streets" you find in certain sections of the
city, plus the street lights that are green for a whole 1.8 seconds on
major intersections, multiplied by the over abundance of mid sized and
large SUV's here in Quito, only begins to describe this mess.  (massive
run on sentence I know)

Everyday congestion in the city of Quito

If you must drive here, You will find these many little caveats or unwritten rules helpful:

  • It is perfectly OK to be all the way in the right lane on a 3 lane
    road, then suddenly make a left turn without using your signal.  This
    works both ways. 
  • It is also perfectly acceptable to park in the middle of the street
    to send a text message, make a phone call, or even get out to buy some
    street food.  
  • If you own a motorcycle you are allowed to drive pretty much anywhere you can make your bike go, even down stairs.    
  • Running a red light is perfectly OK after sunset or on Sunday,
    however the concept of what "Right on red" is has not caught on yet,
    even though it is actually legal here. 
  • Buses are above the law and actually gain 50 points for every car they run into.  Blue buses have diplomatic immunity.
  • People will beep at the people in front of them to go when the light
    is still red, even if it is a police officer in front of them.
  • The space between the two lanes on the road is actually another lane, if your car can fit.   
By following these unwritten laws, you will survive driving here in Quito.  Good luck. 

The Middle of the World - Ecuador Travel and Living: Quito Traffic "Que Bestia!":

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