Friday, August 30, 2013

How's noise concerns from barking dogs /etc. in Ecuador?

How's noise concerns from barking dogs /etc. in Ecuador?
This question was asked today on one of the many EC forums & groups, and I got carried away with a reply.

And it dawned on me, as long as I did'nt use the posters name that asked the question, maybe I could copy & paste my own content and share it here on my blog, so here goes:

Jour-Ja: I was Quito, in the La Mariscal - GringoLandia district for 6 months, rather loud WED thru SAT, they try to close the clubs at 2am FRI & SAT but it takes an hr or 2 to disband the partyers.

I was 2 yrs at AV America & Moñasca near Cinemark Mall in an a
verage EC working mans neighborhood on a dead end street, was'nt that bad on noise.

..and for the last 2.5 yrs in Northern Suburbs between Pomasqui & San Antonio - Middle of the World w/ intermittent dogs barking - roosters crowing -

- my gas trucks on this route run mid day M-F but I got one wild card that likes to sneak in at about 7am on SAT's sometimes, and the junk man - metal recycling guy w/ mega PA system: "compre metales"!!! None of that really bothers me much now after 5yrs of acclimation / adjustment - 17 SEP 2008 (pic below of little girl & her Mom on top of the scrap truck)
(It never bothered me much anyways, it's just the way it is, for now, if you get out and rip n roar good during the day, you will sleep at night, but change is coming on the horizon, lil by lil)

..but, we all in EC may very well miss the truck honking of a $2.75 per 32.84 Lbs = 14.9 kgs, if the EC Govt. indeed mandates total electric after the 8 or so power dams come online 2015 -16?

I will tell yah one fellar that don't hear nothing at night - thats the gas man, can you imagine the stress of driving around any town in EC in traffic & Ecua driving habits w/ enough explosives to level a city block, and lugging them tanks around from sun up to sun down, thats one wore out dude - sawing logs blissfully at Knight!
I do a lot of reblogging that is sometimes missed or not thought well of on a lot of the various EC forums & blogs and repost it here. But will make a conscious effort to try to do more of my own original content. 
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  1. Last weekend here near Parque Carolina we had a random huge firework show. All day I get BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEP. It's noisey here in the city!

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